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Ways to improve the performance of your motorcycle

There are many ways that you can boost your bike’s performance, and in this article, we’ll outline what some of those ways are.

If you’re a motorcycle rider, then it’s only natural that you want to improve your motorcycle’s performance, so that it can ride faster, and ride for longer. There are many ways that you can boost your bike’s performance, and in this article, we’ll outline what some of those ways are:

Upgrading your exhausts
A great way to improve your motorcycle’s performance is to upgrade your exhausts. Most people ride around with standard exhausts. Aftermarket exhausts improve your bike’s airflow, give it a more aggressive sound, and improve its throttle response.

Aftermarket exhausts can also make your bike look much cooler. Aftermarket exhausts are usually bigger, flashier, and look hardcore. There are many different styles of aftermarket exhaust, so you shouldn’t have trouble finding the perfect one for you.

Aftermarket exhausts also increase your motorcycle’s speed. Replacing your factory exhausts with aftermarket exhausts will improve your motorcycle’s peak engine horsepower.

Adjustable suspension
It’s also worth installing adjustable suspensions for your motorcycle. You can improve your motorcycle’s handling massively by installing adjustable suspension. It’s important that you let a professional mechanic improve your bike’s suspension, however.

Replace your bike’s tires
If you want to increase your motorbike’s speed, then you could try and change your tires for sports tires. Sports tires have tread that improves your bike’s grip on wet and dry roads. These tires are also much more durable and can last a lot longer than factory tires, which makes them perfect for road trips. You should invest in aftermarket sports wheels to compliment your bike’s tires.

While an aftermarket windshield won’t improve your motorcycle’s performance, it can make your motorcycle much easier to ride. If you enjoy going on long-distance rides, then a windshield can help to prevent dirt, stones, and bugs from hitting your helmet and obscuring your vision. Most aftermarket motorcycle windshields don’t cost a lot of money. They’re easy to install and offer you protection from the elements. Once you’ve got a windshield, you’ll never ride a motorbike without one again.

Brake pads
If you want to upgrade your motorcycle and improve its performance, then you should invest in some aftermarket brake pads. Aftermarket brake pads are available in different types. You can buy composite brake pads, organic brake pads, and sintered brake pads. When you’re riding long distances, your motorcycle’s brakes take a pounding. Upgrading your bike’s brake pads will ultimately allow you to ride for longer and prevent you from having to frequently change your brake pads.

Tire pressure
If you want your motorcycle to be at its best, then you’ll need to ensure that your motorcycle’s tires are inflated to the correct air pressure. A lot of people ride around on tires that are overinflated, which interferes with your motorcycle’s handling. When your tires are at the right pressure, your bike will be easier to maneuver, it’ll run smoother, and it’ll handle corners better. Tires that are overinflated are at greater risk of a blowout, which can be very dangerous, especially if you’re a beginner.

Photo by Zane Lee on Unsplash

Tire condition
It’s also important that your tires are in good condition. Any punctures, scratches, or issues with your tires can impact your motorcycle’s performance. If you’re going out on a long ride, then it might be worthwhile investing in a set of spare tires. You should always inspect your tires before you ride your motorbike.

Regearing your bike
Regearing your motorcycle can be an easy way to improve your bike’s performance. Regearing your motorcycle is when you change the size and the number of teeth on your front or rear sprockets. You can also change both. It’ll change the number of times that your sprocket needs to spin to make your tire rotate. It can boost your bike’s acceleration and handling.

Replacing cables
If you want to optimize your motorbike’s performance, then you should replace any worn-out cables. Regularly inspect your cables to see if they are damaged, worn, or frayed. You should also think about investing in higher grade cables, which can actually improve your bike’s performance.

Lubricating your chain
A lot of motorcycle riders overlook the importance of lubricating their chain. Most riders spend time worrying more about their tires and brakes. Without your chain, you can’t ride your bike. It’s important that you take care of it and that you don’t allow it to fall into disrepair. If your chain fails, it can cause damage to other areas of your bike.

Regularly lubricating your chain can help to prolong your chain life, save you money, protect your chain from environmental conditions like dirt, grit, snow, and sand, reduce chain nose, and help your bike to shift gears more smoothly.

Change your bike’s oil
You should get into the habit of changing your bike’s oil regularly. Engine oil cools, lubricates, and cleans your bike for you. You should get into the habit of using synthetic engine oil because it offers a better and smoother riding experience.

Change air filter
An air filter prevents dust and dirt from entering your bike’s engine. Your bike’s air filter should be changed regularly. A clogged air filter can result in poorer fuel economy, rough idling, and power loss, all of which can slowly break your bike. Replacing your air filter is very quick and you can do it yourself at home.

You should get into the habit of taking your motorcycle to a garage for an inspection periodically. If you’re not a mechanic then this is very important. A professional mechanic will be able to identify any problems with your bike. They will also be able to perform routine maintenance on your bike, which can help to improve its performance on the road.

If you don’t feel like you can perform maintenance on your bike yourself, then you should always take it to a mechanic. If you try to tamper with your bike when you have no clue what you’re doing, you can damage your motorcycle. Regular motorcycle inspections don’t cost a lot of money.

You can often improve your bike’s performance by performing routine maintenance. This article should have covered more or less every way that you can improve your bike’s performance. As we mentioned previously, if you don’t feel knowledgeable enough to perform motorbike maintenance, then take it to a mechanic. Happy riding!

Main photo by Conor Luddy on Unsplash