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What you need to know before traveling to Australia

With so many places to visit in Australia, having a decent idea of their basic norms is fantastic to help you blend in.

It is not difficult to get out of hand with the excitement of visiting Down Under, from watching kangaroos and koalas to swimming in its perfect waters and absorbing the summer sun. Notwithstanding, there are a few critical things you need to know about Australia to save you from ravenous sharks, confusion, and embarrassment.

With so many places to visit in Australia, having a decent idea of their basic norms is fantastic to help you blend in.

Requirements for entry
Every arrival to Australia must be completely vaccinated. Also, a negative PCR test taken within seventy-two hours of arrival must be presented.

All arrivals who have been to Lesotho, Malawi, Namibia, South Africa, Eswatini, Zimbabwe, Seychelles, Botswana, or Mozambique over the last fourteen days are granted entry, yet should go through authorized quarantine by state requirements.

For instance, Victoria and New South Wales have dropped the quarantine for completely vaccinated arrivals, as well as for kids under twelve. For Western Australia, 14 days of quarantine is required.

Travelers from certain locations in the Pacific may need to present a test taken within ninety-six hours of flight.

Top traveling tips for Australia travelers
Australia is a fun country to travel to. Besides, the best time to travel to Australia depends on your purpose of traveling. Below are some traveling tips for you if you are visiting Australia soon, especially if this is your first time.

  • Gain proficiency with the local language

Aussies communicate in English. But they still have their slang words that emphatically control their Australian English conversation. What if you are in a situation where only the local language is being communicated? You need to at least understand a few of the local words. 

More so, these words should help you a bit. Try to remember them. And don't forget to ask questions. Meanwhile, a lot of Aussies will be glad to help you translate. You will soon become more fluent.

  • It's not cool to smoke 

It doesn't matter if you smoke or not. But smoking isn't a cheap habit in Australia. With the established regulation, a packet of cigarettes will cost you £22 ($40), you won't have any desire to start here except if you are willing to spend a huge piece of your vacation kitty.

  • Wearing sunblock is essential

While the Australian environment is variable, sunblock is steady and required all over. Regardless of whether you like to get a suntan, don't do it without covering yourself in sunblock since Australia's sun is cruel. 

With a more slender ozone layer, in addition to the fact that Australia heats up rapidly, the beams are additionally particularly destructive to your skin, at times to a point that you can even feel your skin sizzling. The burn from the sun will last weeks and the rankle will be agonizing. 

  • Be ready to go offline

In Australia, some destinations can have expensive internet. The Internet in these areas can also be slow. This may shock you, especially if you are used to regular and easy internet access. A good solution to this is to buy a hotspot which you can take around to stay connected. More so, this is the cheapest and best option. Apart from this being a valuable investment, some of them can serve as a portable charger for your mobile phone.

  • Be prepared for different summers across the nation

Don't be surprised that every city in Australia has a different kind of summer. Regardless of where you will be visiting, always wear a lot of sunblocks wherever you are going. Also, note the summers of Perth – they are exceptionally dry. For Brisbane, the heat is very humid.  

If you need a cooler summer, Hobart is the best region to be. Also, the flip side heading towards Darwin has a year-long summer. Every city in Australia offers uniqueness in climate. You may think you are touring different countries. Be ready for anything!

  • Vehicles ride on the left

Driving in Australia is very common. This is because public transport is not the best. However, this also depends on the city you are touring. 

Talking about driving, make sure to keep to the left. This will be easy for you to adapt to if you are from the UK. Also, assuming you are out strolling, look right before you cross. Look both ways different times before crossing – this is the best way to maintain safety.

  • Never go up to a BBQ with nothing

In Australia, whenever you are invited to a BBQ, regardless of whether it's at a park, oceanside, or house – don't go there empty-handed.

Regardless of whether you offer some meat, make a plate of salad, bring some wine or desserts, always go with a surprise as a helping hand. Not to mention, barbeques are normally BYOB events, so you will be with essentially nothing even if you don't bring any beverage for yourself. Another considerate gesture is to leave any unconsumed drinks in the fridge of the host. This is a decent indication of appreciation before leaving the party.

Australia is an amazing nation to visit. Make sure you are well prepared for the diversity of weather conditions therein. Finally, bespoke holidays to Australia and New Zealand offer a chance to explore these countries. Importantly, ensure your travel agent for your bespoke holidays is reliable. Enjoy your vacation.

Photo by Leio McLaren on Unsplash

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