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Where to head to on holidays post the COVID-19 pandemic

The following are the places in Morocco which most people are likely to head to on holidays once the pandemic is over.

The tourism industry has taken a big hit due to the corona virus pandemic also known as the COVID19 pandemic. Every industry has been hit but tourism has taken a bigger hit because people have to stay indoors due to lockdown measures kicking in. Nobody knows when they can travel safely, if at all, but the tourism industry is optimistic that people will start travelling once the initial scare of the pandemic wears off, or if vaccines are manufactured soon. I have had many private conversations with my friends and colleagues and the majority of them told me that they would take off on holidays and head to exotic locations as soon as they can. I asked them where they would most likely head to and I was surprised to know that Morocco vacations topped the list. The following are the places in Morocco which most people are likely to head to on holidays once the pandemic is over.

Let me be honest, I never in my life thought that Morocco vacations would top the list of places that people would want to head to. I did not know that it was so popular. I knew that Morocco is a top tourist destination but people are having it on their bucket list. I researched the Internet only to learn that the country is blessed by nature. It has a wonderful coast line, it has mountains and it is the gateway to the Sahara desert. 

I was beginning to get attracted to the country as I started reading more about it. Do you know that you can actually go and explore Roman ruins in Volubilis? I was learning snippets of great information like this. There are a lot of places other than ruins to explore on your Morocco tours such as the High Atlas mountains or Rif mountains where you can hike or trek among nature. You can surf or swim in the water in Essaouira, a quiet sleepy coastal town. Or you can surf in the dunes, trek on camels or just enjoy a night out in the Sahara desert in camps. 

You can visit the Marrakesh Medina for souvenir hunting. You can actually bargain and the traders will not frown down upon it. It is a real fun activity. While in Morocco you should visit Casablanca which has featured in many Hollywood movies. And in Casablanca you should visit the Hassan II Mosque, if not for praying just to look at the wonderful architecture which took more than 10000 artisans to complete. Another place to visit is Fes, which is great for walking along the maze like lanes and admiring the architecture. The doors in particular are intricately carved and you can take photographs of them and post in your social media accounts. Aside from these, there is a lot on offer to make your Morocco vacations interesting and fun such as:

Ouzoud Waterfalls:
Ouzoud Waterfalls is the second tallest waterfall in the whole of the African continent. It is one of the most famous spots in Morocco and tourists from the world over come and visit the waterfalls. Ouzoud Waterfalls is not just one waterfall, it is a number of waterfalls that converge and merge into the El-Abid river. You can easily travel to the waterfalls from Marrakesh and you do not require any guide. Getting to the top of the waterfalls and to the bottom is actually just the same path, hence no guide is required. Reaching the place is also not a difficult task as it is one of the top tourist destinations. Your tour operator can easily arrange a visit to the waterfalls. It is just a day trip.

Caves of Hercules:
This cave complex is very popular among tourists. The cave is at Cape Spartel in Morocco and is near the palace of the Moroccan king. The opening to the cave on the sea side is known as the Map of Africa because the opening looks like the map of Africa. The land side is just a normal opening. The cave is a natural cave and man has made changes to it. Legend has it that Hercules, the Roman God slept in the cave before he did his 11th labour (getting apples from the Hesperides garden). Hercules had to do 12 labours which the King had ordered. The caves are a National Heritage site and you need to pay for tickets to view the caves.

Planning a trip is very difficult, you need to book tickets, book rooms, plan the itinerary etc. It is a good idea to use professionals for this, I usually use the services of Memphis tours. They are in this business from 1955 and can arrange private guided tours, can speak your language if you do not speak English etc.