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Which is the best hill station in Bali, and why

If you’re here to have a good time at some hill stations, this blog post will benefit you. 

Bali is a haven for people who love mountains, beaches, and rice fields. The buzzing tourist life and a whole package of trekking options make it an excellent place for a relaxing vacation. Nature and culture are the main drawing force of visitors to Bali. If you are planning a trip to Bali, apply for travel card. This will save you some bucks on foreign transactions. 

With so much to see and do on the island, it can initially feel quite intimidating to explore the various options you've got. However, if you're here to have a good time at some hill stations, this blog post will benefit you. 

Let's have a look at some of the most prominent hill stations to visit when you travel Bali and determine why they're worth a visit: 

Best hill stations in Bali 

Gunung Abang
Being the third-highest mountain range in Bali, Gunung Abang is located on the southeastern side of Batur Lake. While it's less popular than Mt. Batur, hikers and visitors keenly look forward to Gunung Abang as a challenging alternative to the Batur trail.

Finding the head of the trail to Mount Abang is quick and easy. You'll be put on a short drive a few minutes from the trailhead by the Trekking Office. Alternatively, there's ample parking space at the trailhead if you drive your own vehicle, try to manage your budget.

The hike begins with a gradual upward slope with beautiful views. You'll enjoy walking. Shortly, you should reach one of the two temples on the pathway, a great spot to relax and catch up with your breath for a while.

While climbing Mount Abang, you should expect to get dusty, dirty, and muddy by the end, as it is nothing like Mount Batur. The former has an eerie feel and is a lot more challenging, adding a new level of thrill to your journey when you travel Bali.

Gunung Batukaru
Gunung Batukaru is the second-highest mountain in Bali, with its highest peak at the Bedugul volcanic area. Since it's a dormant volcano, the landscape of this mountain features one of the unique rainforests that account for an unparalleled trek experience.

It's a perfect spot for travelers who are looking for an escape from crowded tourist places, as the rainforest of Mount Batukaru is far hidden from the well-populated areas of the region. The site also offers a fantastic combination of culture, nature, and some excellent aesthetics.

There's also a Hindu temple, the 'Pura Luhur Batukaru," located on the mountain, making it a highly sacred and spiritual place. You'll rarely see fellow trekkers along this hike as it's the largest wetland in Bali and distinctive from the other mountains.

Mount Batukaru is also home to many different species of wildlife. You can find various animals like the Pangolin (AntEater), the Kijang (Small Deer), the leaf-eating monkey, and the Luwak – an animal that digests coffee beans and excretes them roasted. So make sure you visit this mountain the next time you travel Bali.

Gunung Batur
Gunung Batur is an active volcano in Bali that offers a fantastic hike uphill with a summit of 1,717m above sea level. During the two-hour trek of this magnificent mountain, you'll witness several mesmerizing scenes of lakes and hot springs.

It's best to visit Mount Batur between the months of April and September since October may invite rain that'll make it considerably harder to hike Mount Batur. Moreover, the best views are enjoyed with a clear sky on the trek.

Enjoying the sunrise from the peak of Mount Batur is undoubtedly an unparalleled experience. You must experience it while you're in Bali, as it's just a two-hour trek. Moreover, while the trek is not tough, it is still suggested to seek assistance from a local guide to make the most out of your experience.

Bali itself is well-known for its hot springs, some of which are even believed to be holy and have therapeutic powers. The collection of hot springs around Mount Batur is also famous among visitors, and a gentle dip in these is very relaxing after an exhausting trek uphill.

Gunung Lesung 
Gunung Lesung is a less-explored hiking place among tourists that make up for an ideal rustic experience. It's located in the town of Lingga and is certainly not a trek for the soft-hearted. The trek is quite steep and has a tough road to travel. 

There's also a very friendly village nearby known as Munggu Sawa that's keen to host and receive tourists, so make sure you drop by there as well during your visit. You can also find several waterfalls during your trek. 

The most attractive and popular one among them is the Wong Jampang waterfall, which consists of various bathing pools that can be found by following the river upstream for nearly 20 minutes from the beginning of the Gunung Lesung Peak trail. 

It also features magnificent wildlife consisting of Wild boars on the lower slope of the mountain, and you may even be able to see their nest with cubs in them. Even orangutans can be found on the mountain, but as they're shy, you may have a hard time encountering any.

Gunung Prapat Agung
Mount Prapat Agung is a small mountain in Bali with a height of 322 meters above sea level. It's located on the peninsula of the northwestern region of Bali. While being considerably smaller than the other islands, the place is quite famous as a tourist attraction. 

The most interesting thing about this mountain is that it's made of limestone, and there are two more mountains in the region of the same material. The difference is quite evident in the marine surroundings of this mountain. 

It's also a great place for people who love photography, as the landscape features various stunning backgrounds. With some panoramic views of the national park and the aesthetics of the sea, it's certainly a great place to visit the next time you tour Bali. 

The landscape of this mountain is varied and consists of rainforests, limestone mountains, scrub, dry savannas, and more. You can also visit some fun beaches here and even explore coral reefs through scuba diving. 

Mount Penulisan 
Popularly known as Punack Penulisan, the name stands for the Indonesian word mountain pack. This mountain stands 1,745 meters from sea level. The place is known as the one "where history was written." 

It's known for the Pura Tegeh Kahuripan temple, that's built upon certain beliefs such as dynamism and animism. The temple is dedicated to the various manifestations of the god, with Shiva, Vishnu, Brahma, Ganesha, and Buddha as depictions. 

The place also provides a highly stunning view of the trinity peaks that consist of Gunung Agung, Gunung Abang, and Gunung Batur. Its sunrise view is a magical experience, and you should definitely wake up pre-dawn to experience it. 

Post sunrise, you can take part in some Balinese blessing ceremonies by visiting the Pura Tegeh Kahuripan. You'll be intrigued by the details of the ceremony and enjoy every part of it. The sight, sounds, and atmosphere all feel holy at this place.

Kintamani highland
Located in the Northern part of East Bali, Kintamani is a highland area. The place is home to one of the nine critical temples of Bali. The place is located in the Kintamani Village at the caldera rim and is popularly known for its pleasant climate and scenic beauty. 

Traditional Balinese people reside here, and you must make sure that you follow the rules of the place. You can enjoy several excellent views of Mount Batur and the lake at the top. The site is undoubtedly a must-visit if you want somewhere with calm surroundings and incredible views. 

Final words 
Whether you want to explore dense rainforests, hike up on volcanoes, or even swim in search of tropical fish, Bali provides you access to all of the world's most incredible experiences. If you want some adventure and are looking for a place that offers beautiful views, then there's no better place than to travel to Bali for your next trip. All the destinations mentioned above are rated top sites in the region. We hope the above list helps you find the perfect hill station for your next Bali trip. 

Frequently asked questions 

What is the most beautiful part of Bali
Bali's iconic parts include Mount Batur, Lempuyang Temple, Balangan Beach, Uluwatu Temple, Suluban Beach, Jatiluwih Rice Terraces, and more. 

What is Bali best known for
Often termed the land of gods, Bali is famous for its outstanding natural beauty and magnificent volcanoes, along with lush terraced rice fields. It is also known as the Surfers' Paradise. ALl in all, the place is well-known for its natural landscapes and unparalleled beauty. If you are looking to enjoy nice weather and a plethora of adventurous activities, then Bali is the place that you should visit for your next trip. You'll surely have an amazing time while there. 

Why do people lke Bali
Bali has a rare beauty to it that draws people towards it. The island features impressive volcanoes, great nightlife, lovely waterfalls, and crystalline beaches. You can find hiking places all over the island, which is why it is so popular among traveling enthusiasts. You should consider visiting Bali at least once in your life.

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