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Why the USA is the perfect host for the World Cup

One of the main reasons why the World Cup is good for us is the economic benefits of hosting it.

The Euros is right around the corner, so that means that the next major international tournament is the World Cup. With the US bid being accepted to host the World Cup alongside Mexico and Canada, it is a very exciting time to be an American soccer fan.

For all you trivia lovers out there, you will know that this won’t be the first time that Mexico hosts a World Cup – as they have hosted two before, one in 1970 and one in 1986. It feels like the tides are turning for how soccer is perceived in the US with more money being put into soccer and more eyes being on it every year, so the World Cup coming to town is a massive jump into soccer being one of the biggest sports in America.

Qatar and Germany
The last World Cup was held in Qatar after a very controversial build-up. It used inhumane ways of building the stadiums and was known for treating its workers, and residents, very poorly. The lead-up to the World Cup 2022 was controversial as the start date of the tournament was moved from its usual summer start date to a December start, this move was to get less heat for the players but also received a lot of valid criticism.

As well as Qatar, a tournament that is happening very soon is the European Championships, being hosted in Germany. This is looking to be a very well-hosted tournament, with odds via Boylesports showing how many teams could win which makes this tournament exciting and makes our World Cup exciting because the teams that are good now will only get better in two years.

How our tournament will be different
Usually, the format of these tournaments is the same, 32 teams get split into groups of 4 and the top two winners progress. In the World Cup that we host, the teams in the tournament are upped to 42 teams and the groups are changed to 16 groups of 3. This is adding around 40 more matches to the tournament. Unfortunately, this has come with some controversy as player well-being has been getting a lot of attention recently, and even more games being played can put our players at risk.

Also, for the first time the World Cup has 3 hosts which makes the tournament a lot bigger and uses more stadiums around the countries. In a similar vein, not a single stadium is being built which adds to our hosting being better off than Qatar.

Why the US hosting is good for us
One of the main reasons why the World Cup is good for us is the economic benefits of hosting it. Millions of football fans will be travelling to all the cities that are hosting the games and burying merchandise, food, drinks, accommodation and especially the tickets themselves which means a lot of money will be put into these cities and our country in general.

Another major positive is the unity that the World Cup promotes socially, culturally and politically. It is known that football fans are very rowdy and wild, but also at the same time they have shown over the last few years that football is a big family no matter the country or team people support. People are coming together to watch some of the best soccer players in the world play and try to win the elusive World Cup trophy.

Also, a major positive for the people who are really interested in watching the matches, we will finally be able to watch a tournament at a reasonable time and have the tournament be at the perfect time for us.

Another positive for soccer fans is the fact that Team USA will automatically qualify for the tournament which makes it even more exciting because we will have a team to completely root and cheer for.

With us getting to host the World Cup it means we get to host the FIFA Confederations Cup a year before the World Cup takes place which means we get even more money and a chance to bring even more people to our great nation.