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Yacht charter safety essentials: Guidelines and regulations for smooth sailing in Croatia

Let’s check out what you need to sail smoothly in Croatia.

Did you see a lot of people on the internet sailing across the beautiful Adriatic Sea? If so, then what are you waiting for? If you are watching it, it must mean you want it.

And you can have that experience with the Croatian Yachting Charter! Just charter a yacht and sail on your own. You can see all the islands, and caves and discover so much more on the Croatian coast. Croatian Yachting Charter will make sure you have a great time and give you the knowledge you need.

Let’s check out what you need to sail smoothly in Croatia.

Essential knowledge for bareboat charters
Ever in a position to hire a boat without a crew and then take charge of it yourself? Like many yachting companies, Croatia Yachting Charter is very considerate, and it has set up a bareboat charter in Croatia page to help you acquire some basic information on the requirements and restrictions with regard to qualifications.

These are the basics you need to sail a bareboat:

  • Croatian boating licence: As mandated by Croatian law, at least one person on board must hold a valid boating license recognised in Croatia. Ensure your license complies with Croatian regulations. You can find a list of accepted licences on the Ministry of Sea website.
  • VHF radio licence: In addition to the boating license, a VHF radio license is mandatory for bareboat charters. This allows you to communicate with harbour authorities and other vessels.
  • Local familiarisation: Get acquainted with Croatian maritime laws, signage, and communication protocols to navigate confidently.

Safety regulations for all yacht charters
Whether opting for a bareboat adventure or a catamaran yacht charter with a professional captain, these general safety guidelines apply:

  • Safety briefing: Before setting sail, attend a comprehensive safety briefing by your charter provider. This covers emergency procedures, life raft operation, and fire safety measures onboard.
  • Safety equipment: Ensure that you are aware of the location of all safety equipment on board Embassaire and how to operate them; life jackets, flares, fire extinguishers, and first aid.
  • Weather awareness: It is advised that one should always consult with the latest weather change before an outing and be ready to make changes depending on the detected weather patterns.
  • Safe navigation: Plan your route meticulously, considering navigational aids, water depth, and potential hazards. Utilise charts and plotters effectively.
  • Communication: Maintain clear communication with local authorities and harbour masters using VHF radio or designated channels.

    Crew list and additional permits
    There are also additional permits which you can make/and need to have:

  • Crew list: Croatian law requires a certified crew list on board.
  • Fishing and diving permits: If you plan on fishing or recreational diving, you’ll need additional permits.

Croatia Yachting Charter – Your partner for safe sailing
At Croatia Yachting Charter you can charter catamarans, sailboats, and much more! Their team of experts would be happy to share all the necessary information on safety requirements or yacht rental in Croatia.
Croatia Yachting Charter shall be glad to assist you in booking your safe and adventurous Adriatic holiday this summer.