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To be or not to be a DMC Conclusions

The intention of these articles was not to discuss the basic and elementary techniques of how to welcome a group, do a transfer, an excursion, dispatching or how to book hotels, guides, restaurants or make calculations. These are the basic techniques with which everybody must be familiar before even thinking of becoming a DMC consultant or making his own DM Company.

We have examined some of the most characteristic routines of the DMC. It is for sure that more routines exist and some of the daily problems and practices might not have been developed. These articles cannot cover them all. The diversification of the MICE business and particularities of the destinations make it impossible to cover them all.

The main goal of the articles was to demonstrate that the DMC business is far more complex than running tourist programmes. The challenges are exciting, and the rewards are fulfilling. We need new, creative, entrepreneurs and methodical people to raise higher the profile of the DMC.

“To be or not to be a DMC?” The theme of the thesis was not chosen just because “be” rhymes with “DMC” but to convey the message that to become a DMC takes much more than printing it on a business card, and either you are a DMC or you are not. DMC distinguish themselves by their attitude, services, and reputation.

A DMC has a mission to fulfil, the Clients’ satisfaction. If this mission with all the consequences is accepted then one should not hesitate to reply,” Yes I want to be a DMC.”

The profession is expanding especially with the new opportunities technology has opened for the communications. The globalization of business increases the needs for the meeting industry and although incentives have been tried hard the last years we see a tremendous development for the “incentivised” meetings in which “know how” is exchanged and combined with unforgettable experiences.

The Destination Management Companies and the DMC consultants can play an important role in this development provided they can adapt and go a step further than where they are today. New blood, with new ideas is needed to staff the Destination Management Companies and combine their energy with the experience of the old hands. So to anybody who is ambitious, likes challenges, wants to be creative, and original, seeks recognition, and glamour and fun; and is not afraid of hard work, frustration and long hours, we say: welcome on board !

* Becoming a DMC is essential that one keeps in mind and strictly follows the Site code of ethics a copy of which you can download from the link


© Tasso Pappas CITE
Tasso Pappas
was President of the SITE Greek Chapter 2006-2010 and served as President of SITE Intl. in 2000. This article is an extract from his book “To be or not to be a DMC” which he wrote in 1996 as his thesis for the certification as CITE (Certified Incentive Travel Executive). More information about Tasso Pappas you can find at


For preparing these articles the following documents were consulted and used as references. The wealth of ideas and experiences in these papers greatly helped me  to crystallise my ideas for  this thesis. They also have been my professional resources and guided me in  my DMC career. (Tasso Pappas CITE)

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These series of articles “To be or not to be a DMC” has been reproduced with the kind permission of Site Global and the author Tasso Pappas CITE for enhancing and improving the knowledge of  the MICE industry about the role of Destination Management Companies (DMC).

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