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Future Travel Trends: Insights from HBX Group’s Anna Grigoryan at MarketHub 2024

Anna Grigoryan, Chief Strategy and Transformation Officer of HBX Group, outlines emerging travel trends and the evolving profile of future travelers at MarketHub 2024 in Istanbul.

In an engaging interview at MarketHub 2024 in Istanbul, Anna Grigoryan, Chief Strategy and Transformation Officer of HBX Group, shared her insights on the evolving landscape of travel and tourism, presenting future travel trends. Her discussion focused on the shifting profile of future travelers, the growing influence of technology, and the increasing importance of sustainability in travel decisions.

Anna began by highlighting the changing preferences of modern travelers, particularly those driven by Generation Z. “It’s no longer just about the destination. It’s about what experiences travelers want to build and where they can do that,” she explained. This shift has given rise to themes such as “retailtainment,” where travelers seek a blend of shopping, culinary delights, and cultural events in cities like Paris, Milan, and London.

Sports tourism has also seen significant growth. Events like the Paris Olympics, Euro Cup 2024 in Germany, and the T20 World Cup for cricket have spurred a 15% increase in sports travel packages. Similarly, the economic impact of music tourism, exemplified by Taylor Swift’s concerts contributing $5 billion to the U.S. GDP, underscores the trend of experience-centric travel.

Technology plays a pivotal role in this evolution. Travelers demand frictionless booking and seamless communication throughout their journey. Augmented reality and AI are enhancing the travel experience by providing virtual previews and reducing uncertainty. However, Anna believes that while virtual enhancements are valuable, they can’t replace the sensory experiences of physical travel.

Sustainability is another critical factor shaping future travel. Despite widespread awareness, there’s a gap between the desire for sustainable options and the willingness to pay for them. “The newer generation, more aware of climate issues, shows a readiness to embrace sustainable travel,” Anna noted. This is reflected in the rising preference for rail travel over short-haul flights, with a 36% year-on-year growth.

Anna concluded with advice for the travel industry: “Listen to travelers’ needs and motivations. Embrace technology for a frictionless experience and stay ahead by understanding and adopting new trends.”

HBX Group’s strategic insights provide a roadmap for industry professionals to navigate the future of travel, balancing human desires with technological advancements and sustainable practices.

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