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Ignacio de Torres Zabala Director of Finance, Iberia

TravelDailyNews: What is the role of Iberia in oneworld alliance?

Ignacio de Torres Zabalaoneworld alliance is important for Iberia. So far this alliance, for Iberia, has focused on commercial improvements, facilities, code share and efforts to enhance benefits. The next step for the alliance is to establish commonality between the airline members of the alliance so that all members provide the same level of service.

TDN: How is the agreement with British Airways working?

IZ:The basic partner of Iberia in oneworld alliance is British Airways. The level of cooperation between the two airlines has increased after the approval granted for the London-Madrid route. This cooperation is working very well and that the two companies now hold a very large proportion of the market.

TDN: Has Iberia had gains from its alliance participation?

IZ:The participation of Iberia in oneworld has resulted in our hub in Madrid increasing its capacity. This is due not only to the fact that most passengers from Europe wanting to fly to Latin America have to go through this hub but also to Iberia’s cooperation with BA and Finnair that feed passengers.

TDN: Will there be a merger between Iberia and British Airways as rumours go?

IZ:Iberia has had a mutually profitable cooperation with BA for 6 years now but we want to remain independent, there are no plans for such a move.

TDN: What are the future plans of Iberia?

IZ:Iberia has recorded profits for 8 years in a row. Our policy has focused on Latin America, on increasing connections from all over Europe to Latin America and on increasing our share in the Spanish domestic market. This policy attempts to help Iberia maintain its leadership in the Europe-Latin America traffic– Iberia now holds 15-16% of this market – and to feed traffic from all over the European market to Latin America. He also reminded that one of the big asset of Iberia is the fact that the Spanish domestic market is the largest domestic market in Europe.

Ignacio holds the position of Director of Finance for Iberia. He is responsible for financing, insurance and treasury. He has a strong finance background acquired through his experience with such companies as INI Financial Group and Crédit Lyonnais. Ignacio also represents Iberia as Member of the Board of two Iberia affiliates: Savia (Amadeus National Marketing Company in Spain) and Iberia Cards, a credit card business.