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Minoan International College launches Bachelor of Business administration (BBA) Program  

Minoan International College (MIC), formerly TRINITY, has announced that it is offering a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program, beginning in September of this year, in addition to its existing Degree programs in Tourism and Hospitality Management.

The courses offered in MIC’s business program provide students with a broad overview of how the business world operates. They cover the entire range of business functions and provide students with a strong foundation that can be applied to many sectors and industries. Students will develop the knowledge and managerial skills employers are now looking for.

The knowledge gained and the skills acquired are relevant to today’s ever- changing business environment and reflect MIC’s commitment to academic excellence and career placement.

“The decision to design and offer the BBA Degree”, according to MIC’s President Nikos Skoulas,” was made largely in response to the growing concerns of students in regard to an increasingly unstable economic situation and the inability of graduates from many other degree programs to secure positions and career paths in the world of business”.

The entire program is taught in English, the international language of business. Through cooperation with North American Universities, students are offered the opportunity to complete part of their studies abroad and, therefore gain a valuable international perspective and, through specific arrangements, also gain access to an American Master’s Degree Program in international business.

MIC’s faculty members are, for the most part, practicing managers who, in addition to sound academic qualifications, bring to their classes substantial field experience and global exposure.

As well as in traditional classroom settings, knowledge is exchanged through management workshops, group projects, real-life projects, seminars, guest lectures, field trips and other educational activities. The advantages from this participatory learning methodology are further enhanced by a multi-cultural student body. 

MIC’s three-year business program is comprised of a comprehensive array of courses including the following: 

Introduction to Accounting
Managerial Accounting
Business in Society
Principles of Business Management
International Business
Commercial Law
Business Ethics and Social Responsibility
Research Methods for Business
Management information Systems
Organizational Behaviour
Financial Management
Business Policy, Strategy and Entrepreneurship
Introduction to Human Communication
Introduction to Computers
Principles of Microeconomics
Principles of Macroeconomics
Paragraph, Summary and Report Writing
Essay and Research Paper Preparation and Writing
Introduction to Human Resource Management
Labour Relations
Teamwork in Organizations
Legal Issues in Human Resource Management
Recruitment, Selection and Placement of Human Resources
Compensation Management
Health and Safety issues in the Workplace
Introduction to Marketing
Consumer Behaviour
Marketing Research
Advertising and Promotion Management
Retail Management
E Commerce
Strategic Marketing
International Marketing
Finite Mathematics with Applications
Introduction to Psychology
Introduction to Statistics

Minoan International College, formerly TRINITY International School of Tourism Management is an English speaking institution of higher learning, situated on the island of Crete, Greece. The Campus is located on the premises of Terra Maris Convention and Golf Resort.

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