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Yoleni’s Greek Gastronomy Center in Athens – Greece

Explore Greek Flavors

Yoleni's is the home of the Greek producer. After years of traveling around Greece, Yoleni's family gathered more than 1000 carefully selected, artisanal treasures from 180 small local producers, with a view to making Greek flavors known all around the globe.

Yoleni's flagship store in Kolonaki was launched in late 2016 and it is the biggest Greek Gastronomy Hall in Athens. Upon entering the 7-storey building, visitors have the chance to explore its traditional deli shop, which resembles the Athenian grocery stores of the 50s and 60s.

Moreover, there is a multitude of experiences available in order for a true food lover to explore all aspects of the Greek gastronomic culture and heritage; a wine cellar and wine bar where more than 200 Greek wine etiquettes are available, cooking classes for those who'd love to learn all about the Greek authentic recipes, extra virgin olive oil tastings and seminars and of course 3 different restaurants, ready to introduce anyone to a truly mouth-watering trip to Greek cuisine. 

Greek Cooking Class
Discover the best Greek authentic recipes, explore their secrets and enjoy a delicious dinner! Our hands-on session is planned around a traditional Greek meal. First, we learn how to create the dishes and then we all gather around the table to enjoy the “fruits” of our cooking session in a lovely, warm environment. These are the principles of the well-known Greek hospitality! The philosophy of these culinary meetings is to welcome our visitors to the healthy and flavorful world of the Mediterranean diet. 

Also Included:
 • A small bottle of ouzo / Greek beer / Greek wine / refreshment per person
 • Greek “meze” during the cooking class
 • A complimentary copy of the recipes cooked

Approx. Duration: 2.5h
Hours of operation: 19:15-21:45 Wednesday 
Price per person: 70€ (VAT included)

Olive Oil Seminar
Discover the secrets of the Greek liquid gold!

Greeks were the first to cultivate olive trees in the European Mediterranean area. Since then, the olive tree has been an integral part of the Greek cuisine. It is the core element of the internationally acclaimed Mediterranean Diet, it is connected to our culture, history, mythology and tradition. In this interactive seminar, you will learn how to select, taste an appreciate Extra Virgin Olive Oil, bust all the common myths, but above all you will learn how to integrate this nutritional treasure into your daily life! Ready to become an olive oil expert and experience the most important Greek harvest of the year?

You will be tasting 4 special indigenous varieties of Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil along with fresh local appetizers & perform the “hot potato test” in order to really taste the essence of the olive oil. A sweet chocolate dessert… with a twist will serve as a final surprise!

Approx. Duration: 40mins
Hours of operation: 18:30-19:10 Monday, Wednesday & Saturday 
Price per person: 25€ (VAT included)

Wine Tasting
Enjoy a stimulating wine tasting experience under the expert guidance of our sommeliers, featuring some of the most famous Greek award-winning wines. Learn all about the world’s oldest Grapevines, explore grape varieties from different regions of Greece, such as Santorini, and learn to identify their subtle differences. The tasting is accompanied by Greek traditional cheeses and cold cuts. 

You will be tasting 7 different wine varieties from 7 regions of Greece, as well as a Greek spirit or dessert wine at the end of the tasting.

Approx. Duration: 90 mins
Price per person: 50€ (VAT included)
Walk in from 12:00 to 20:00 and enjoy a wine tasting on the spot!

You will be tasting 5 different wine varieties from 5 regions of Greece, as well as a Greek spirit or dessert wine at the end of the tasting.

Approx. Duration: 60 mins
Price per person: 40€ (VAT included)
Walk in from 12:00 to 20:00 and enjoy a wine tasting on the spot!

Honey Seminar by Melira
In ancient Greece honey was widely known as "Nectar of the Gods".

In this seminar you will be tasting 9 Greek honey varieties and blends by Melira, a Greek company with a three-generation tradition and history in apiculture. Don’t miss the chance to explore honey varieties such as thyme, heather, eucalyptus & chestnut, as well as unique premium blends with black truffle, cinnamon, Chios mastic and honey comb! The tasting will be accompanied by Greek cheeses and sweet delights.

Approx. Duration: 40mins
Hours of operation: 17:30 Thursday
Price per person: 25€ (VAT included)


Yoleni's Greek Gastronomy Center
Address: Solonos 9, 10671, Attica, Athens, Greece
Phone: +30 212 22 23 623

Opening hours:
Monday to Friday 08:00 – 00:00
Saturday 09:00 – 00:00
Sunday 08:00 – 00:00


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