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ZITA CONGRESS S.A is one of the oldest and most successful companies in Greece in the field of the Organisation and Development of Congress, Conference and Professional Tourism.

Since 1982, its name has been associated with the most advanced concept regarding professional travel, business trips, incentives, events while also in the organisation of scientific conferences and exhibitions.

With great experience, creativity and faultless organisation, ZITA CONGRESS S.A acts as an exemplary-model company in its field and is distinguished for its professionalism and the exceptional service that it offers.

ZITA CONGRESS S.A continuously follows developments within the market, ensuring that it gathers the most interesting proposals for conference venues, as well as the most original ideas and ways for the organisation of congresses, conferences, travel incentives, corporate trips, special events, product launches in Greece.

Its strengths are sustained through the careful selection of staff, its use of the most advanced technology, through the certification of its work with ISO 9001:2000 & ISO 14001:2004 and through the continuous research in market developments on a world-wide level.

For the last 26 years, ZITA CONGRESS S.A has made every effort to understand the unique needs of each client, in order to propose the best solutions.

It creates and maintains exceptional relations with its chain of suppliers, both in Greece and world-wide, so as to serve the interest of its clients in its full.

Finally, by taking part in the institutional bodies of Greece (HAPCO), and the E.U. (EFAPCO), it contributes towards the positive construction of the macroeconomic tourist environment and specifically, in the professional field and in the field of conferences, incentives and exhibitions.

Contact Details

Paiania-Markopoulo Avenue
19002 Paiania Attica
P.o Box 155
Tel : 211 1001700
Fax: 210 66 42 116

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