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Roadmap to travel recovery: Content marketing and COVID-19

inPowered’s CEO and Co-Founder Peyman Nilforoush.

inPowered compiled a case study on “A Roadmap to Travel Recovery: Content Marketing and COVID-19” – its recommendations on how travel brands can employ content marketing to transition into a post-COVID world.

Experts predict that recovery will start with local travel by car and then circle outward to larger driving distances, first only with family members and then a small group of close friends. The next anticipated phase will include shorter domestic flights, longer cross-country or international trips, and eventually group + business travel will resume. At this time, consumers will seek out travel brands that have shown themselves to be relevant and socially responsible during a global pandemic. How can this be communicated in an authentic and compelling way?

Based off of key learnings at the inPowered labs, we’ve uncovered a variety of thought-starters that travel brands can use to create content while also being a timely & relevant resource. Some of these include:

  • Virtual travel and experiences
  • Stories about local businesses helping others
  • “Shop local” initiatives based on specific destinations
  • Prepping for travel’s return
  • Travel inspiration – movies, books, podcasts, photos and videos
  • Coping with cancellation
  • Road trips and local destinations
  • Two travel brands that are “getting it right” with their COVID-19 content campaigns are Visit Santa Fe and Marriott hotels. – Let’s take a look at what they’re doing:

inPowered’s CEO and Co-Founder Peyman Nilforoush comments on how we foresee travel moving forward in a post-COVID climate: “Key learnings from past times of crisis show that the brands who continue to advertise are positioned to recover quicker and come out even stronger than before. With travel and tourism it’s no different – consumers want to know how they can leverage this ‘pent-up demand’ to leave their homes and reschedule any planned trips they have postponed. Through our data and research we’ve learned that consumers will proactively seek out travel brands that have shown themselves to be relevant and socially responsible during a global pandemic. By leveraging content marketing and creating that authentic connection between brand and consumer, travel and tourism brands can actually use this time as an opportunity to meet the new needs of existing + potential customers.” 

InPowered-Travel Roadmap fo… 

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