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TSA fails to stop over 88% of people bringing prohibited items on domestic flights

Whether it’s edible marijuana, 140+ proof alcohol, or unauthorized weapons, many people seem to be bringing prohibited items on board domestic and international flights.

While most of us are familiar with what we can and can’t bring on planes, some travelers choose to live life on the wild side and bring prohibited items on board. Stratos Jets asked over 1,000 air passengers who admitted to smuggling some type of illicit substance or prohibited item onto a plane about the things they brought, where they hid them, and why they did it.

Some findings:

  • A shocking 87.7% of passengers were successful in bringing prohibited items onto domestic flights
  • Marijuana is the most popular illegal item that people admitted bringing with them on flights, 36.7% of men and 22.8% of women have it done it at least once
  • When asked why they brought prohibited items with them, 22.6% of people said it was because it wasn’t available at their destination
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