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Marketing Effectively the Airline Product in a Changing World

Instructor: Dr Andreas Papatheodorou and Associates
Athens, 29/09 – 01/10/2005

The aim of this three-day event is to educate airline managers on how to market their product effectively in the context of the contemporary turbulent aviation environment. The “Marketing Effectively the Airline Product in a Changing World” Seminar will be held in Athens (Greece) on September 29,30 and October 1, 2005.

Why should I attend the Seminar?

The airline industry environment is changing fast leading to a more competitive and efficient marketplace where laggards and passive followers are deemed to fail. In conjunction with cost rationalisation and revenue management, successful airlines should adopt active airline marketing strategies and sales techniques to secure their market presence, expand their customer base and eventually lead in the industry. The seminar discusses principles and applications of airline marketing in an integrated, thought-provoking manner and stresses their importance as a factor of airline success. Theory is complemented with examples, case studies and business games to enhance the delegates’ understanding and constructive application of marketing concepts and sales techniques in their workplace. Participation in the seminar may therefore prove useful to airlines both tactically in the short run and strategically in the longer term.

Who should attend the Seminar?

Middle and junior airline managers and marketers are the primary target audience for this seminar. Still, this may also prove beneficial to all those looking for efficient solutions and inspiration to survive, if not excel, in the contemporary turbulent airline business environment.

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