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An Introduction to China’s Tourism Industry

Ever since the policy of opening and reform was adopted in 1978, the tourism industry in China, thanks to the great importance attached by the governments at various levels, has become a new but most dynamic and potentially strong factor in the tertiary industry. It has been serving as a new growth point in China’ s national economy. And in many parts of the country, tourism has been regarded as a pillar, superior or priority industry in bringing up the local economic development. The position of tourism in the national economy continues to be enhanced and upgraded.

In 2002, China ranked the fifth in the world in inbound tourism in terms of both overnight tourist number and foreign exchange earning. While its domestic tourism was among the world’ s biggest, fastest- growing and most potential markets, China’s outbound tourism also saw steady development with each passing year. The international tourism development of China has investment environment, intensified the opening to the outside world, and helped the growth of related industries. It has played an active role in increasing internal demand and employment, in enhancing the structural readjustment and inter- regional economic link, and in assisting the poor areas to break away from poverty. Moreover, it has greatly promoted the economic prosperity and social development of China’s and the friendly exchanges between the Chinese people and the peoples of the world.

From 1996- 2002, tourism in China has been growing by 2- digit numbers for seven straight years, which is far above the average GDP growth rate of the same period, and has thus become a new growth point in the national economy of the country.

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