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Interactive StoryMap: Best nudist beaches worldwide

Plakias Beach, Crete, Greece.

Elizabeth Morris from UK’s Carvaka Adult Toys created an interactive StoryMap which charts 10 nudist beaches all over the world.

Although nudist beaches remain largely taboo, there are many places around the world that cater to those who enjoy a clothing free environment. Some people enjoy soaking up the sun au naturel and others like getting back in touch with nature. While other tourists visit these sizzling beaches so they can achieve the perfect tan. Whatever your reason, there has never been a better time to throw caution (and your swimsuit!) to the wind by checking out some of the world’s best nude beaches.

It’s important to remember that every nudist beach has rules that must be respected. From camera usage to social etiquette, it’s worth reading up on your chosen beach before you make the trip. Whether you’re in South or North America, the Caribbean or Europe, there are lots of easily accessible nudist beaches waiting to be explored. The people at Carvaka created this excellent interactive StoryMap that features some of the world’s most famous nudist beaches. 

The top ten list includes Wreck Beach in Vancouver, Canada. Wreck Beach is one of the largest and oldest nudist beaches in Canada and North America. Not only can sunbathers relax along the sprawling coastline, naturists can also participate in volleyball tournaments and snorkelling. Beach goers can enjoy watching the many live performances that take place along the secluded strand throughout the summer months.
The StoryMap also features "the birthplace of the nudist movement", Le Centro Helio Marin in France. In 1950, the world’s first naturist park was created in Le Centro Helio Marin. Naturists can enjoy tons of activities here including football, tennis, volleyball, archery and water sports. The family friendly naturist park frequently hosts international nudist conventions. For more details on the world’s most famous nudist beaches, let’s start exploring!

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