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ITE Travel Exhibitions announce new exhibition

The board of directors of London-based ITE<.> Travel Exhibitions and the Latin American Confederation of Travel Organizations (COTAL) signed an agreement to operate…

The board of directors of London-based ITE<.> Travel Exhibitions and the Latin American Confederation of Travel Organizations (COTAL) signed an agreement to operate and manage COTAL's annual travel trade exhibition beginning in September 2001 for three years. The event will be re-named "EXPOCOTAL" and will take place at the Miami Beach Convention Center from September 27th-29th, 2001.

Director of ITE Travel Exhibitions, David Hammond, indicated his confidence in the newly-re-engineered event. "This is an excellent opportunity for us to focus on building an exhibition that gives each participant the return-on-investment they expect from an event of this stature. With the proliferation of tourism industry events in Latin America, we understand that we need to make significant changes on the current event to offer participants the greatest possible benefit. We are convinced that this exhibition will provide participants from Europe, the USA, Latin America and, indeed, the world with excellent access to business contacts via Miami-the hub for Latin American trade."

COTAL President, Fernando Soler Castro, was also pleased about the decision of the board to outsource the management of the event, "Running the event from the COTAL Secretariat meant that we could not focus on other issues important to members, nor could we devote the attention necessary to take the exhibition to a more effective level. The importance of the decision to outsource the event became even clearer during our discussions with event organisers."

The association claims that commitment to their members prompted them to get take a second look at the exhibition they have been organising in a different Latin American country each year. The decision to base the event in Miami for the next three years is one they think will make EXPOCOTAL more attractive to tourism industry professionals. "Miami is becoming a hub for Latin American business and is easy to access from international destinations." According to Enzo Furnari, COTAL Vice-President, "In order to continue showcasing different Latin American destinations, we will continue to move the COTAL Conference to different locations annually, but EXPOCOTAL will remain in Miami."

COTAL are confident that this new alliance with ITE Travel Exhibitions will provide members with more concrete business opportunities for their members and the trade professionals interested in working with Latin America.

The event will take place for three days at the Miami Beach Convention Center. September 27th and 28th will be devoted to trade only and the 29th will be opened to the general public.

Photo from left to right: Kimberly Ziegler, Project Director, ITE; David Hammond, Director, ITE; and Adriana Walsh, Project Manager, Expocotal.

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