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LIFE2 – A healthy concept

Held in Brussels between the 22nd and 24th of March, Life2 was taken by storm for the second year running with a record 20,444 visitors…

Held in Brussels between the 22nd and 24th of March, Life2 was taken by storm for the second year running with a record 20,444 visitors. A success meticulously prepared by its organiser Artexis, a result beyond even its most optimistic expectations. Life2, the health and well-being fair, is a new communication concept focusing on health that targets the general public.

The first Life2 had attracted 10 450 visitors. Having well and truly doubled its numbers the second time round, the calculated risk taken by Artexis of plugging into the public's growing thirst for positive and reliable information about health has clearly paid off. The twenty thousand visitors, anxious to take stock of their health, but above all to maintain and optimise it, found what they were looking for among the 163 exhibitors: a qualitative and interactive information platform relating to health and well being.

A subtle balance

However, the very principle of the fair is a veritable headache! How to coherently combine health, cosmetics, thalassotherapy and water cures, nutrition, sport and fitness and a healthy environment? How to give the topic of health a positive and attractive image? How to juggle the ethics of medical and pharmaceutical communication along with the presence of commercialised products?

The fair, with the backing of the Federal Ministry for Public Health, is the fruit of determined development work, a continuous process at Artexis, who took on board the lessons learnt from last year's event. The close collaboration between the organiser and the medical, pharmaceutical and scientific sectors allows the Life2 concept to respect the subtle balance between the seriousness of the information and the enjoyment of the visit.

An interactive fair

The omnipresent interactivity without a doubt represents one of the strengths of the fair. In each of the 6 zones, visitors can take stock of their health: test their glycaemia level and blood pressure, calculate their cholesterol level and ideal weight, carry out a hormonal check up, study the quality of their teeth enamel, diagnose their skin and hair type, learn to harmonise personality and colours, participate in electro-stimulation demonstrations, sample and buy numerous health-food products that are both tasty and health, appreciate the benefits of the ergonomic chairs, massage chairs and mattresses, etc. Hundreds of visitors attended the conferences on the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, cosmetic surgery, hormonotherapy, functional food and nutrients.

Other Life2 fairs

The success of Life2 is the living proof of a general rule that is sometimes forgotten by fair organisers: a fair, which serves as the physical, tangible and visible link between the supply and the demand, between questions and solutions, between visitors and exhibitors, must pertinently reflect the (current and future) reality of the market that it claims to serve. The definition and concept of the fair require professional analysis and development. Especially if, as is the case for Life2, this concept proves to be complex.

During their visits to the fair, certain foreign organisers quickly identified the potential of the Life2 concept. But being exhibition and fair professionals, at the same time they noticed the amount of work and know-how that had gone into the launch of the fair by Artexis. This explains the logic behind the licence agreements currently being negotiated, a run-up phase for the rapid launch of a network of Life2 fairs.

Was Artexis' decision to opt for a polyvalent and cosmopolitan name for this event also a healthy intuition?