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Renowned architect Gianni Ranaulo to join forces with Vertu Hotels and Resorts

Gianni Ranaulo

Gianni Ranaulo, renowned Italian architect and designer, partners with Vertu Luxury Group to redefine luxury in hospitality, emphasizing innovative design and sustainability in Vertu Hotels and Resorts.

Gianni Ranaulo join forces with Vertu Hotels and Resorts. Gianni is a multi-awards Italian architect, designer and musician, who found his passion for creativity in Paris in 1989 after a successful decade in Italy. His global projects, from France, throughout USA to China showcase his innovative approach based on the concept of Media Building. Since 1994, he has been pioneering LightArchitecture, merging the virtual and real world. With offices in London, Rome, and Milan, he has spread his vision through books and conferences, including the groundbreaking “LightArchitecture New Edge City.” Moreover, he taught “lighting design’ masters at Brera’s academy (Milano). His journey led him to Dubai where he collaborated with Franco Dragone. In 2007, he established his Dubai office, shaping towers and urban plan. His commitment to sustainability drives him, ensuring every project inspires while respecting the planet. With a focus on engaging communities through media techniques, Gianni’s work is revolutionising architectural concepts worldwide. To enforce his presence in north America, he recently opened a new branch in Chicago, IL where he continues to shape the future of architecture with innovation and environmental consciousness.

Today, the Vertu Luxury Group and its Hospitality Division announce a groundbreaking partnership with this illustrious international architect. The collaboration marks a significant milestone in VERTU’s mission to redefine bespoke luxury lifestyle in the hospitality industry. Gianni Ranaulo, famously celebrated for his visionary approach and innovative designs, will play a pivotal role in shaping the exterior and interior design of some Vertu Hotels and Resorts.

Gérald Lampaert, Founder, Owner and CEO of the Vertu Luxury Group, Hospitality Service, and Hotels and Resorts business units, expressed his enthusiasm for this partnership: “At Vertu, we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the hospitality industry. Gianni Ranaulo’s visionary approach aligns perfectly with our DNA and ethos of innovation and excellence. Together, we have the ambition to create spaces that are not only luxurious but also transformative, setting new benchmarks in hotels and resorts’ design. This anticipated collaboration is a testament to our commitment to offering our existing and future guests with an extraordinary experience that is both visually stunning and deeply immersive at Vertu flagged properties.”

Gianni Ranaulo shared his excitement about joining forces with the Vertu Luxury Group: “I am honored to collaborate with Vertu Hospitality, a brand that shares my passion for innovation and excellence. Our combined vision will bring to life spaces and venues that will not only be architecturally groundbreaking but that will also enhance the guest experience in profound ways. I look forward to the exciting opportunities ahead and to setting new standards in the world of curated luxury lifestyle hospitality.”

This partnership heralds a new era for the Vertu Luxury Group and its Hospitality branch, where each future branded property will be a masterpiece of design, offering guests an extraordinary fusion of luxury, comfort, and cutting-edge aesthetics. The collaboration with Gianni Ranaulo is poised to elevate Vertu’s Hotels and Resorts Management and Hotel Owners to new heights, making them landmarks of sophistication and style.

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