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Tafer Hotels & Resorts partners with Quicktext to revolutionize guest experience with AI

Benjamin Devisme (left) and Daniel C. Doppler.

Quicktext partners with TAFER Hotels & Resorts to enhance guest interactions using Velma, an advanced AI, ensuring exceptional service and satisfaction.

Quicktext, the hospitality AI SuperApp,based in Paris, France, is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with TAFER Hotels & Resorts, a forward-thinking leisure and hospitality company celebrated for its collection of award-winning hotels, luxury resorts, and boutique villas across Mexico and the Caribbean’s most coveted beach destinations.

AFER Hotels & Resorts has selected Velma, Quicktext’s cutting-edge AI technology, to streamline guests’ interactions, adding value to the communication processes at every step, ensuring unparalleled service and satisfaction, and fulfilling the brand’s promise.

Velma, the AI virtual assistant for hotels globally, is based on Q-Brain+, the hybridisation of classic conversational AI and generative AI to provide multiple best-of-class AI solutions such as:

  • Optimize sales, content, and marketing (Q-Sales, Q-SEO, Q-Dynamic)
  •  Structure & augment hotels’ data (Q-Data & Q-Channel)
  • Supply data for business intelligence (Q-BI).
About TAFER Hotels & Resorts

TAFER is a forward-thinking leisure and hospitality company with an ever-growing and evolving collection of award-winning hotels, resorts and boutique villas, including the distinctive Garza Blanca Preserve Resort & Spa and Hotel Mousai in Puerto Vallarta, Villa del Palmar Cancun Resort & Spa, Garza Blanca Resort & Spa in Los Cabos, Sierra Lago Resort & Spa and Sian Ka’an Village, and Garza Blanca Resort & Spa and Hotel Mousai in Cancun with new properties opening soon across Mexico and the Caribbean.

Being a principal owner of The Villagroup Resorts, which boasts 41 years of success, TAFER’s mission is to continue to merge excellence, quality, and creativity to provide extraordinary vacation experiences that can be enjoyed for a day, a week, or a lifetime. Constantly seeking to reflect the artistry that lies at the heart of the leisure industry, the company encompasses all aspects of hospitality: hotel design and construction, timeshare and residence clubs, marketing and concept design as well as tour and travel agent services. TAFER also offers a comprehensive set of hotel management services that are custom tailored to each property toward successful and profitable models.

TAFER provides exceptional guest and owner experiences at modern, five-star resorts in premier beachfront locations throughout Mexico and the Caribbean.  It is renowned for its unwavering dedication to hospitality and product excellence, showcased through its defining pillars of gourmet cuisine, premier amenities, authentic onsite experiences, wellness offerings, family connections, romance and fun, ensuring travelers of all kinds can indulge in distinct and memorable vacation experiences.

Αbout Quicktext

Quicktext was founded in 2017 by Daniel C. Doppler and Benjamin Devisme. In 2023, Quicktext provided more than $579 million of booking requests to its clients and was awarded as AI and big data company of the year for hospitality at the Premium Travel Awards in Shenzhen, China, as well as the International Travel Award for Innovation at the International Tourism Meeting In Paris, France. In April 2024, Quicktext was recognized as the second most influential AI company in France according to a study conducted by Alliancy and Motherbase

Today, 130 employees in 17 offices around the world: Europe (Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Lisbon, London, Milano, Paris, Prague)

  • America (Mexico City, Montreal, New York, Punta Cana)
  • Asia (Bangkok, Dubai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Gold Coast)

are serving hotels in 76 countries and operating the leading AI and big data company for the hotel industry.

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