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Agilysys introduces 13 hospitality solution Studios

13 Hospitality Solution Studios that combine Agilysys core PMS, POS, and Inventory & Procurement systems with specific experience enhancers based on how guests and staff interact in specific venues.

ORLANDO, FL and ALPHARETTA, GA – Acknowledging that Return on Experience (ROE) impacts business success in a variety of venues outside of hotels, resorts and casinos, Agilysys, Inc. is introducing at HITEC Orlando 2022 13 Hospitality Solution Studios, each tailored to improve ROE in a specific type of venue.

ROE measures how technology creates more engaged and empowered staff members as well as guests that return more often, spend more, and leave stronger reviews. ROE covers longer-term returns gained from ensuring every experience at every touchpoint avoids disappointment and creates a champion. Agilysys Hospitality Solution Studios combine the Company’s core POS, PMS and Inventory & Procurement systems with additional capabilities delivered through integrated Experience Enhancer modules. Each Hospitality Solution Studio is based on how staff and guests interact in a specific venue type, such as across a university campus versus at a luxury resort. The resulting solutions enable owners, managers, operators, and management companies to maximize economic and emotional ROE outcomes.

Don DeMarinis, senior vice president of Agilysys, commented, “Businesses are disappointed when they force-fit generically designed technology into their unique operations. On the other hand, if they build proprietary solutions they sacrifice scale, evolutionary pace and interoperability as surrounding systems advance. Our Hospitality Solution Studios circumvent this challenge by combining our core solutions with the right Experience Enhancers – which address specific and finite tasks such as guest-controlled mobile ordering – for each type of venue. The technology is modular and integrated, so it is much easier to manage and evolve than tailored solutions cobbled together from different vendors.”

Agilysys now offers the following 13 Hospitality Solution Studios to maximize ROE in different settings:
– Hotel Studio, built for the priorities of owners, managers, and property management companies operating portfolios of branded properties across multiple locations.
– Resort Solution Studio, which prioritizes understanding and optimizing experiences for guests and staff across all property venues and amenity touchpoints, and across the complete time-horizon of each guest relationship and staff member relationship.
– Casino Solution Studio, which accommodates complexities unique to properties that host both casino guests and non-casino guests, as well as heightened cybersecurity stringency and multi-layered approaches to earning and redeeming loyalty points and rewards.
– Cruise Solution Studio, which accommodates the unique timeframe, capacity, and international monetary requirements of optimizing experiences on cruise ships.
– Independent Property Solution Studio, designed for the priorities of non-branded property owners and managers.
– Management Company Solution Studio, which delivers the data-driven insights and operational efficiencies required to optimize property performance and accommodates the unique requirements of combining condominium ownership, rental and management workflows and reports with non-owned unit rentals and management.
– Campus Solution Studio, which caters to the food and beverage ordering, payment and delivery management requirements across students, guests, and staff.
– Hospital Solution Studio, designed to address food and beverage operations and nutrition management in hospitals and across care networks.
– Lifestyle Community Solution Studio, which addresses unit ownership and management needs, food and beverage operations and resort-like amenity management.
– Senior Living Solution Studio, scaled to the more finite requirements of providing hospitality experiences to an aging population of guests and skill-credentialed staff.
– Theme Park Solution Studio, designed for managing dispersed hospitality touchpoints, delivering ubiquitous mobility, and optimizing highly varied food and beverage operations.
– Stadium Solution Studio, built to handle periods of intense demand and high transaction volume, mobile food and beverage ordering and delivery, and secure contactless payments.
– Corporate Dining Solution Studio designed to flexibly offer food and beverage ordering and delivery options across corporate campus venues with varying operating hours, item selections and direct-to-office delivery options, as well as to accommodate company-specific payment plans and methods.

“Delivering hospitality experiences exceptionally well can be a game-changer for businesses outside the realm of traditional hospitality,” DeMarinis observed. “Meeting demand smoothly and flawlessly can create a strong bond between guests and venues, and between employees and employers. Conversely, hospitality disappointments can strain loyalty and break bonds. We enjoy helping a wide variety of businesses and operations get hospitality right so that it serves as an important business lever,” he added.

Four Education Sessions Reveal Ways to Enhance ROE
In addition Agilysys will host four education sessions illuminating ways to maximize ROE. The sessions are:
– High-Tech, High-Return Hospitality: One Guest at a Time. Explore how the right technology can help you create champions at every touchpoint, inspiring guests and staff members for life.
– Making the Personal Profitable: How the Right PMS Maximizes Guest Spend and Staff Efficiency. All PMS solutions are not equal. Learn how your core system can leverage Experience Enhancers to deliver outcomes tailored to your objectives.
– Revenue On-the-Go: Mobilizing Control, Choice, and Convenience in Hospitality Venues. See how putting ordering in guests’ hands increases check totals, stimulates impulse buying, creates positive promoter scores, and reduces staff workloads.
– Zero Disappointment Hospitality: Setting a Higher Bar for Guest and Staff Experiences. Every touchpoint – whether with guests or your staff – creates a champion or a critic.