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Club Med launches ‘Safe Together’ hygiene and safety assurance program & ‘Club Med Cocoon’

Club Med’s Safe Together Program will be implemented across all resorts in Asia.

INDIA – Club Med, the pioneer in premium all-inclusive holidays, announces the launch of the Safe Together guest assurance program developed with the support of Ecolab, a global leader in water, hygiene and infection prevention solutions and services. Through a series of heightened hygiene and safety protocols implemented across all of Club Med’s resorts in Asia, Safe Together provides guests with the reassurance of a clean and safe environment when experiencing the resort and all its amenities.

Why We Are Different
70 years of hospitality experience, low-density resorts for safe distancing & self-sufficient resort facilities so you can stay within our ‘Club Med Cocoon’

Surrounded by nature across beachfronts, forests and mountains, Club Med’s low-density resorts in idyllic destinations provide a safe haven for families looking to jump back to happiness, with plenty of space to practice social distancing. With the built-up surfaces of the resorts covering less than 10%of the total site surface, guests can enjoy a safe and relaxing holiday with plenty of spacious outdoor areas for an immersive experience. With self-sufficient resort facilities and in-resort activities within the ‘Club Med Cocoon’, Club Med vacations let you relax within the highly clean compounds, giving you that added reassurance. In addition, minimising access from the public allows guests and staff to remain traceable and contactable should the need arise.

Vijay Sharma, General Manager-South East Asia, Club Med
“Club Med prides itself in offering comfortable and carefree vacations with customer happiness at its core. Most of our resorts are already designed in a way that provides ample free space between rooms enabling us to execute social distancing effortlessly. Moreover, with our new Safe Together program within the concept of Club Med Cocoon, we ensure that all our resorts are met with highest cleanliness standards while careful attention has been given towards all customer touchpoints at the resorts. Along with a wide range of non-contact sports and activities, most of our Asian resorts have an in-house infirmary with a nurse available on call 24×7 for guests. This reinforces our 70-year long legacy of delivering thoughtful and safe vacation experiences. As we are gradually ushering into the recovery phase from the global pandemic, Club Med is thoroughly prepared to welcome travellers who are looking to enjoy a well deserving holiday”.

Safe Together

Safety and Hygiene Measures in a New Normal
Aligned with recommendations from the worldwide health authorities and local regulations, guests will be met with a ‘new normal’ as health and safety expectations shift post-pandemic. Club Med’s enhanced hygiene implementations will be communicated across various touch points throughout the resorts, delivering a happy and relaxed vacation experience for all guests.

1. Arrival and Reception
From arrival to departure, the shuttle bus and private transfers  are sanitised after every trip, with safe distancing implemented from the moment guests board. Club Med transfers also help reduce risk of exposure, compared to taking public transport. Upon arrival in the resort, all guests will have their temperatures checked, which is sanitized hourly and will also be required to fill out a travel declaration form. Our resort employees, also known as Gentil Organisers (G.Os) and Gentil Employees (G.Es), will be wearing masks throughout their shift for an added level of protection. Club Med also created a range of reusable surgical and N95 masks with fun and trendy designs for guests’ purchase at the boutique. 

2. Safe Public Areas: High touch points sanitised frequently
More frequent sanitisation of high touch points areas, using Ecolab’s disinfecting agents – including restaurants, sports facilities and equipment, lift buttons and handrails – will be implemented after each use or hourly. Hand sanitizers will also be made available throughout the resort. In addition, safe distancing will be practiced at all common areas, with the help of dedicated signages and floor markings. Most of the Club Med resorts also have an in-house infirmary should the need arise.

3. Safety in your Room
Added measures and heightened protocols of housekeeping ensure that guest rooms have been thoroughly cleaned. In addition, added emphasis will also be given to the ten most frequently touched areas within the room, employing Ecolab disinfecting procedures and disinfecting agents, such as light switches, controls, door handles and TV remotes. Air-conditioning will be running in fresh air mode for constant airflow, and contactless payments and room access will also be made available where possible.

4. Dining safe
One of the key elements of Club Med’s all-inclusive offering is our French savior-faire of buffets. Individually portioned dishes (mostly prepared a la minute) will replace self-service counters and drinks will be mostly served at the table by the staff. Enhanced measures have also been added for food and beverage handling with high hygiene standards, certified by local food authority bodies in some cases. More outdoor seating for safe distancing and temperature checks before entering the restaurants are also conducted for further reassurance.

5. Safe Activities
Club Med is well-known as being the widest reaching sports school in the world and is often accorded praise for the conviviality and group activities. Heightened health and safety measures have been put in place with safe distancing between guests during activities such as Yoga and Zumba, allowing guests to participate in the activities without the feeling of constraint. In addition, deck chairs, bar & dining tables, conference rooms, private cocktail receptions and gala dinners are also arranged to ensure safe distancing measures are adhered to. Whenever possible, activities will be moved outdoors and may have a maximum capacity limit. Guests can also be reassured that cardio equipment will be sanitized hourly and fitness mats, games and circus equipment, and spas, will be sanitised after each use.

6. Entertainment Reassured
Kids’ Club, one of the most raved facilities in Club Med, is also reinforced with additional measures to protect the health and safety of the little ones. All Mini Club G.Os taking care of the kids wear masks while activities have been modified to reduce body contact between the kids and having more activities outdoors for better ventilation. In addition, all toys in the Kids’ Clubs are disinfected daily and theatre chairs for evening shows are placed with safe distancing and sanitised after each use, all using Ecolab’s disinfecting agents.

7. Safety Behind the Scenes
Closely following WHO guidelines and with the support of Ecolab, all our resort staff are thoroughly trained on precautionary and cleaning measures. Emergency response and disinfection protocols are also in place to deal with suspected COVID-19 cases, and a department dedicated to the coordination of corporate hygiene and safety are in frequent contact with local authorities to monitor situation.

Lastly, strict measures have also been put in place where employees that have recently travelled from high risk countries will undergo a 14-day quarantine, and employees are also restricted from travelling out of the resort during off-days and break time.