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Enso Connect and SUPERHOG new partnership

Enso Connect partners with SUPERHOG to offer a fully streamlined way to safeguard vacation rental businesses, maximize profit and increase guest satisfaction.

TORONTO, ON, CANADA – Enso Connect, a dynamic guest experience platform for vacation rentals and boutique hotels has partnered with short-term rental trust and safety specialists at SUPERHOG to streamline digital guest onboarding.

The goal of this partnership is to make guest onboarding seamless and unfragmented to both hospitality operators and their guests. Property managers and owners will be able to tailor SUPERHOG’s intelligent guest screening and damage protection services to the needs of their business and offer guests the freedom of choice.

The Enso Connect and SUPERHOG teams have developed a safeguard toolkit for hospitality businesses that drives more revenue, and increases guest satisfaction, while allowing operators to set rules that fit their business.

Enso Connect’s dynamic software allows SUPERHOG's screening technology and damage protection services to be integrated into the verification stage of a digital guest journey. When setting the guest verification process, enso-connected property managers and owners will be able to choose SUPERHOG as a verification provider, collect guest data, define their rules customized by channel (AirBnB, VRBO, etc.), property and more. For example, direct bookings, while being more profitable, may be of a higher risk for property managers and owners. With Enso Connect and SUPERHOG integration users can dynamically adapt their verification process and costs to their business needs.

“At Enso Connect, our mission is to connect best in class systems. Our vision is to streamline the guest experience digitally from inquiry to checkout and beyond. This partnership is a natural fit for us. It gives us further opportunities to defragment the guest journey,” said Francois Gouelo, cofounder and CEO of Enso Connect.

“Our integration empowers guests to choose between a safety deposit and a damage waiver fee, increasing guest satisfaction and property managers’ bottom line. Customer data shows that 80% of guests prefer paying a damage waiver fee. This customization facilitated by Enso Connect’s operating system, together with high quality SUPERHOG’s protection service is a
win-win for 100% of travelers and operators”
, added Gouelo.

SUPERHOG's mission is to provide property managers with cutting-edge technology that doesn't break the bank and makes hosting as frictionless as possible, whilst also maximizing revenue. Partnering with Enso Connect was therefore, a no-brainer for us.” said Humphrey Bowles, cofounder and CEO of SUPERHOG.

"By integrating our Know Your Guest product and our damage protection safety solutions with Enso Connect's Boarding Pass, together we can eliminate risk and offer a totally streamlined process that not only improves the guest experience, but also allows property managers to host with complete confidence that when something does go wrong and damage is caused, SUPERHOG will be there to support them and get them hosting again in little to no time.” added Bowles.

Short-term rental guests, following the digital path of Enso Connect’s Boarding Pass guest app, will be able to submit required documents online, choose between a safety deposit and a damage waiver fee, pay all fees remotely and proceed to online check-in within minutes skipping wait times, lines and back-and-forth scramble.

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