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Free test hotel classification in Europe

The Hotelstars Union offers interested hoteliers the possibility of a free test classification (Berlin, Brussels, 29 March 2011) “How many stars would my hotel get, if we’d classify it?” Many hoteliers have asked themselves this question – now the answer can be found out with the non-binding and free test classification of the Hotelstars Union.

Hoteliers, who are not yet participating in the hotel classification, have the possibility to find out on the website of the Hotelstars Union, how many stars the own hotel would receive, if it gets classified. The test classification is free and non-binding – the hotelier enters his characteristics and receives a preliminary result conditionally of his correct data input. It will also be displayed, which additional criteria must be fulfilled to reach the next star category.

The test classification provides for more transparency for the hoteliers and reduces possible constraints. Now it is clear to every hotelier, how many stars the own hotel would receive. If the hotelier wishes to classify his hotel and to profit by the advantages of an official classification remains entirely his choice.

In December of 2009, the initiative of harmonised hotel stars in Europe has been created under the patronage of HOTREC – Hotels, Restaurants & Cafe in Europe by the hotels associations of Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Netherlands, Sweden and Switzerland. In the meantime, also Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania joined the star family.