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GetThere Mobile will allow corporate travelers to easily book new hotel reservations

GetThere introduces Mobile Hotel ‘Shop and Book’ capabilities

GetThere has updated its GetThere Mobile service, giving travelers the ability to conveniently book new hotel reservations from mobile devices. The new service, offered free of charge to GetThere customers, is available on most smartphone devices including iPhone, Blackberry and Android.

GetThere Mobile will allow travelers to:

  • Shop and book new hotel reservations within company policy and preferences
  • View hotels from a list or map
  • Access information on current trips as well as those placed on hold
  • View flight info, such as departure and arrival status
  • One-click call to travel agency.

“Creating a robust mobile tool for business travelers is a priority for GetThere because we know how important mobile tools are for corporate travel managers,” said Suzanne Neufang, general manager of GetThere. “Keeping travelers within company policy while on the road is critical to any well managed travel program. So our mobile solution allows employees to book hotels within company policy and preferences. A convenience for the traveler, it will also help corporations save money, by avoiding high touch fees.”

GetThere Mobile can help corporations save money by empowering travelers to make their own hotel bookings while on the road, without the need for an agent and incurring transaction fees and support call charges. GetThere Mobile also automatically helps the traveler adhere to company travel policy and preferences. In the future, modifications and changes will be provided so that last minute travel adjustments can be handled from a mobile device as well.

GetThere Mobile is built with advanced HTML5 technology, which means customers can enjoy the user experience of an app without having to download any applications. This is particularly important for business travelers as some corporations and government agencies prohibit the downloading of apps to company mobile devices. It also means that travelers won’t have to frequently download new versions of the app every time GetThere makes enhancements.

“When looking at mobile capabilities, user experience and functionality are critical, yet can be challenging to deliver given the limited screen space on most mobile devices. At Sabre, we’ve re-architected our offerings for the mobile web so users get the best experience from their mobile travel services without requiring a download,” said Neufang. “Consumers have growing expectations that a smartphone can do anything that a PC can do. To meet those expectations, expanding GetThere’s mobile capabilities is a strategic priority this year and beyond.”

Later this year, GetThere will offer the ability to shop and book flights within corporate travel policy via mobile devices.

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