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In partnership with Filmbank

iBAHN launches high definition hotel box office film service

iBAHN, the worldwide leader in digital entertainment and Internet solutions for the hospitality and meeting industries, announces the launch of a global service providing hotel guests with the latest box office movie titles in High Definition (HD).

iBAHN is working in partnership with Filmbank, a leading international provider of in-room entertainment to the world’s top hotels, to deliver the HD service across the Europe, Middle East and Africa regions. Filmbank, a joint venture company owned by Warner Bros. Entertainment and Sony Pictures, will provide HD box office content.

The Reading Hilton is the first hotel in the UK to enjoy the new service via its ETVi system, which is part of a global collaboration between Hilton and iBAHN. ETVi is iBAHN’s all-digital system that combines HD digital TV, HD digital video, secure high-speed Internet services and digital audio.

The recently opened hotel is the first of many that will benefit from the extended HD services, including hotels in Dubai, Egypt and the Lebanon. HD offers picture quality with up to five times more detail than Standard Definition (SD) TV, delivering vibrant colour, stunning detail and incredible depth. It also uses millions more colours than SD TV, increasing the richness and intensity of the image.

Sam Partner, sales and new business development manager at Filmbank, comments: “This is an exciting development for us and we are delighted to be partnering with iBAHN on the delivery of the best current film titles to hotel guests. Filmbank is committed to providing all its licensees with film content as soon as it is available, in multiple formats and languages.”

iBAHN’s MD EMEA Graeme Powell, comments: “iBAHN is leading the way in providing the best content and entertainment for the world’s travellers, and our ETVi service increases profits, productivity and customer loyalty for our partner hotels. With Filmbank, we can provide unrivalled movie content in HD format that delivers a box office premiere experience to hotel guests around the world.”