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New initiatives to help revive tourism

Irish hotels offer better value for UK visitors

The Irish government announced last week that it was introducing new measures to assist in revitalising the tourism industry which will mean hugely reduced costs for hotels, resulting in savings for customers which will make it an even more appealing destination for UK travellers in the coming months.

Irish hotels will benefit from new lower rate VAT for tourism-related goods whist employers’ taxes will be slashed in half for lower-paid workers*. Irish hotelier Ray Byrne who owns Wineport Lodge, a famed boutique hotel an hour outside Dublin which plays host to the country’s celebrity chef TV show ‘The Restaurant’ said he welcomed the measures and was planning to match the savings offered by the new schemes to cut prices even further.

Mr Byrne said, “This is great news for tourism in Ireland and for hoteliers such as myself. Whilst we have always prided ourselves on the value we offer our customers at Wineport Lodge, these changes will help to reduce our overheads in a difficult economy and we will pass the savings onto our customers.

“We estimate that the impact of the changes will be a 5% reduction in the cost to the consumer and we will match that with a further 5%, taking 10% off our prices with immediate effect. We hope that these savings will entice UK visitors to Wineport Lodge, which enjoys easy access via Dublin with direct flights from 25 UK airports or by ferry.”

Announcements made on 10th May by the Irish government included lower VAT rate of 9% on tourism-related goods and services, plans to reduce employers’ tax contributions for lower paid workers by 50% and simpler VISA processing for overseas visitors to Ireland in time to attract those coming to the UK for the London Olympics next year.