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New TRIPBAM Certified Consultant program supports dynamic approach to hotel sourcing and hotel program management

TRIPBAM CEO Steve Reynolds.

The program provides clients trained resources to action TRIPBAM insights, transition to The TRIPBAM Way, and helps both corporates and consultants weather COVID-19 impacts.

DALLAS – TRIPBAM, the Dallas-based hotel shopping, benchmarking and analytics provider, announced a new certification program for managed travel consultants to use TRIPBAM’s technology to source and manage corporate hotel programs. 

Travel consultancies participating in the program to date include Areka Consulting, Direct View Consulting (a division of Direct Travel), GoldSpring Consulting, KesselRun Consulting, Nina & Pinta Consulting, Opteva Consulting, Partnership Travel Consulting and PivotPoints Consulting

TRIPBAM established the program in response to requests from clients for resources to action savings opportunities identified by TRIPBAM’s technology.  Some of these opportunities include following through on insights gathered via TRIPBAM’s Hotel Intelligence data and renegotiating or replacing underperforming hotels. 

“One of the things both travel managers and our team have found frustrating over the years is how often we’ve been able to identify significant savings but a lack of resources to capture those savings has stood in the way,” said TRIPBAM CEO Steve Reynolds. “With this group of consultancies, we’ll be improving our clients’ ability to maximize savings and work smarter with their hotel programs.”

For corporates, the network of consultancies will help interested buyers migrate to The Tripbam Way – a method that enables companies to switch to majority dynamic hotel agreements that renew automatically each year, eliminating annual hotel RFPs and saving more money in the post-COVID-19 environment than the traditional way of sourcing. 

“Buyers and suppliers are now exploring alternative ways to approach hotel sourcing and program management,” continued Reynolds. “We want to make sure that resource constraints don’t prevent them from trying something new.”

The TRIPBAM Way combines the capabilities of the entire TRIPBAM suite of products, including TRIPBAM’s Hotel Intelligence, Smart Sourcing, Smart Share Shift, Rate Re-Shopping, and Negotiated Rate Auditing and Alerting.

Based on past results, clients using TRIPBAM technology to actively manage their hotel programs generated overall savings of around 15 percent using static rates, while a dynamic program can generate more than 20 percent savings if done correctly.

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