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Swedish island hotel Pater Noster fights for marine protection with innovative AI project

Pater Noster
Pater Noster (Photo: Cred Erik Nissen Johansen).

Pater Noster sponsors Green Cubes, combating ocean acidification, and hosts “Art & Science of Water,” featuring renowned artists, emphasizing ocean preservation.

Pater Noster announce its pioneering sponsorship of Green Cubes, a Greentech initiative aimed at combating ocean acidification. This summer, the hotel also hosts the “Art & Science of Water” exhibition, featuring celebrated artists who fuse science and photography, including a collaboration with The Nature Conservancy.

Since opening in the summer of 2020, Pater Noster has become a standout destination in West Sweden. Nestled on one of Sweden’s most rugged and exposed islands, the hotel offers nine exclusive rooms and a unique atmosphere that has garnered numerous accolades, including the Grand Tourism Award and recognition as the world’s best hotel concept by The Awards for Hospitality Experience and Design (AHEAD). Attracting Hollywood stars, international travellers, and global corporations, Pater Noster is now extending its vision to ocean preservation through a series of dedicated initiatives.

“Our oceans are in crisis. Pater Noster is a tribute to the sea, and we are committed to protecting it on every level – local, national, and global. The connection between deforestation and ocean acidification is undeniable; as CO2 levels rise, our marine life suffers. Without action, the high acidity will prevent lobsters and shrimp from forming shells. Protecting our forests is essential to safeguarding our oceans,” said Mirja Lilja Hagsjö, CEO of Pater Noster.

Pater Noster is proud to be the world’s first sponsor of the Green Cubes project, managed by Hexagon’s R-evolution. Hexagon, Sweden’s top tech company, is renowned for shaping digital reality across the globe. R-evolution utilises these advanced technologies to measure biodiversity in unprecedented detail. By creating digital twins of the rainforest with airborne LiDAR, combined with eDNA, acoustic, and camera trap data, they form Green Cubes – cubic meters of life aimed at preserving biodiversity.

Erik Josefsson, CEO of R-evolution, stated, “Pater Noster symbolises a guiding light and they share our vision to save our planet. It’s a unique destination with a global impact that attracts conscious travellers, making it a perfect partner for Green Cubes.”

Art & Science of Water with World-Famous Artists

This summer, the “Art & Science of Water” exhibition will take place at Pater Noster as part of Tjörn Island of Art. The exhibition will showcase works by renowned photographers, including:

  • Christy Lee Rogers: Known for her underwater photography that has been compared to Baroque painting masters like Caravaggio.
  • Lara Zankoul: A Lebanese fashion photographer whose socially committed work, created in her studio’s large aquarium, evokes strong emotions and debate.
  • Ulrika and Lukasz: An award-winning duo whose “Stories Trapped in Ice” series documents scientific research using ice cores from the Niels Bohr Institute.

The artworks, printed on large aluminum plates, will be displayed outdoors on the rocks and within the island’s various buildings. The exhibition will also feature information about Green Cubes and its first rainforest project at La Gamba Tropical Station in Costa Rica. The exhibition is accompanied by music from Mattias Tell, a songwriter and producer at Kode Records from Gothenburg, whose music gives space to the sea and its sounds.

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