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Teleste to bring high-quality Internet connectivity to Bitzaro Grande Hotel in Greece

The exclusive Bitzaro Grande Hotel selected an All-IP HTV solution from Samsung, Teleste & Euroaxes Group to provide their guests with high-quality Wi-Fi and internet services throughout the hotel premises.

TURKU, FINLAND – Teleste Corporation reveals that, in partnership with Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd, it has deployed an All-IP hotel TV solution to Bitzaro Grande Hotel in Zante, Greece. The deployment consists of Samsung Hotel TVs in guest rooms and Teleste's DAH100 mini-CMTS solution on the premises. The installation of the equipment, the operation and support of the total integration was carried out by Euroaxes Group, a group of companies that consists of telecommunication, information technology and consulting services, specialised in the hospitality sector.

Bitzaro Grande Hotel is a 4 star hotel with 140 rooms and suites. With a dedicated focus on providing an exclusive and attractive experience to its guests, the hotel offers comfortable and modern accommodation as well as services including complimentary Wi-Fi and internet access. To be able to meet their customers' expectations even better than before, the hotel decided to upgrade the hotel broadband and Wi-Fi networks as part of renovating their facilities. The aim was to provide smooth and uninterrupted internet connectivity for guests throughout the premises.

Mrs. Polychroniadi Aggeliki, General Manager of the hotel noted: "Our aim is to satisfy our guests' needs, offering them high-quality services. To achieve that, we decided that it was important to renovate our facilities and upgrade our systems, to provide uninterrupted distribution of Wi-Fi / internet throughout. Thus, we worked with Euroaxes Group, an acknowledged system integrator, to ensure the quality of our visitors' access to the internet."

In partnership with Samsung Electronics, Teleste offered the project with an ALL-IP solution that can utilise the existing coaxial cabling inside the building for the delivery of high-capacity broadband connection and smart TV services. As part of the solution, the broadband network is handled by a Teleste DAH100 Mini-CMTS located on the premises, and each guest room is equipped with a Samsung HE694 Hospitality TV with a built-in cable modem for the delivery of TV and internet services.

"Samsung continues to address the demands of the hospitality market for a more engaging, attractive experience for their guests. We are confident that our All-IP HTV solution, created together with Teleste, will offer Bitzaro Grande Hotel a seamless, cost-effective and efficient option to cater to the high expectations of today's hotel guests", said Piotr Lipiec, European Hospitality TV Business Development Manager, Samsung Electronics.

As Bitzaro Grande Hotel was already equipped with coaxial cabling, deploying the solution did not require the building to be rewired. Refurbishing the entire hotel with fibre-like broadband connections was carried out causing minimal annoyance for guests, and the project was successfully led by Euroaxes Group.

"We are pleased that we were able to participate in this project with Samsung Electronics and Euroaxes, to bring seamless and fast internet connectivity to the guests of Bitzaro Grande Hotel. The jointly created Teleste and Samsung All-IP HTV solution enables hospitality operators to step into IPTV smoothly and conveniently, without letting the upgrade project cause majors disturbances for their operations", explained Jonathan Rigby, Director of Hospitality and AV Solutions for Teleste Corporation.

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