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The new Availpro solution allows visitors to view a hotel's rates and availability interactively

The Availpro booking engine is now installed on more than 200 Facebook pages

On 1st March this year, Availpro launched its Facebook booking engine at a special conference. Two months later, the developer’s booking engine is now installed on more than 200 hotel Facebook pages. This represents a major success for the application, paving the way in the new Social Booking market by allowing users to view and book rooms on hotels’ Facebook pages.

At the last count, the Availpro booking engine had been installed on more than 230 Facebook pages worldwide (UK, USA, Canada, Austria, France, Morocco, Argentina, Italy, India, etc.). This rapid success is mainly due to the fact that the Availpro hotel booking engine is extremely easy to install, with hotel owners able to do it themselves. It can also be attributed to the fact that it offers an excellent way for independent hotel owners to differentiate themselves from major chains. "We decided to install a booking engine on our Facebook page because we feel that social networks are the new "word of mouth". Facebook now has hundreds of millions of members, making it a great way for us to communicate. Now that we’ve installed the booking engine, we hope to convert our visitors into customers and, of course, into fans," explains Ian Robat, director of the Saint Christophe*** hotel.

The new Availpro solution allows visitors to view a hotel’s rates and availability interactively and make a booking directly from the Facebook page, transforming the social networking site into a distribution channel in its own right. What’s more, the booking engine is available in the same 12 languages as the standard version of the Availpro engine.

With this new tool, hotel owners will be able to provide fans of their hotel with exclusive offers in recognition of their active support. This will help to ensure that hotels keep in touch with past, present and future customers, providing information and developing loyalty with fan-only offers. These special rate offers also give hotel owners an alternative to unprofitable "sale" offers.

Racim Amri, director of the Hotel de l’Exposition hotel, explains why his hotel has installed the engine and how he intends to use it: "We’ve installed in the Availpro booking engine on our Facebook page and we’ve already taken our first few bookings via this new channel. We’ve also managed to increase the number of fans of our page, meaning that we can send our news and special offers to more people. It’s a great way to develop loyalty among our customers and to keep in touch with them. It also gives us access to potential new customers among their families, friends and colleagues."

Based on initial feedback, a number of changes are already underway to the Availpro booking engine, to ensure that it exploits the full range of opportunities that this new media offers. The key purpose of these developments is directly linked to the "social" aspect of this media: to increase each hotel’s "fan" base and to provide fans with exclusive offers.