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An 18% rise in people searching for holiday cottages in the UK

UK holidaymakers spirits not dampened despite wettest June on record

Despite the bad weather in the UK, self-catering holidays are proving to be a popular choice according to a recent study. Independent Cottages, one of the largest online directories of holiday cottages, has found that in June 2012 there has been an 18% rise in people searching for holiday cottages in the UK.

The survey looked at searches made last month and the results show that there has been an improvement on the same period in 2011, despite the month of June being the wettest on record.

Steve Jarvis, Managing Director of Independent Cottages, commented on the findings: "Given how awful the weather has been I would have expected traffic to drop not increase."

This supports another recent study carried out by Independent Cottages which revealed that 55% of people will holiday in the UK this year.

There are many reasons that holidaymakers’ spirits have not dampened but it can be suggested that people are looking for alternative ways of saving their hard earned money. Cottages are offer high-quality accommodation at more reasonable prices, in comparison to hotels or going abroad.

A motive for the increase in popularity is that self-catering holiday cottages are much more advanced and standards have improved in the UK. Cottage accommodation no longer provides basic facilities but some now offer a hot tub, internet access, and more space is available to entertain your guests.

Another reason for this change in trends could also be linked to the poor exchange rates, which indicate that holiday makers are not receiving the best value for their spending money. Combined with the various press reports that airports are delaying flights and struggling to cope with the high-demands, holidaymakers are turning to UK holiday cottages as a stress and hassle free option.

This feel good factor towards British-based holidays can also be contributed to the fact that London is hosting the 2012 Olympic Games. As the city prepares to be bustling with tourists, athletes, coaches and spectators; holidaymakers are avoiding travelling abroad during what is being dubbed as the busiest time of the year and are seeking a peaceful escape to a holiday cottage.

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