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Zoox Smart Data launches Wi-Fi Analytics at HITEC Orlando 2022

In addition to Wi-Fi Analytics, the technology leader will showcase Zoox Eye, its intelligent data analytics platform that combines guest data with other resources to help hotels create a full view of their guests and better serve them.

ALPHARETTA, GA – Zoox Smart Data, a global provider of technological solutions that harness big data to build customer profiles from existing Wi-Fi networks, announced it will launch its new product, Wi-Fi Analytics, at HITEC Orlando 2022. This new offering allows hotels to monitor the quality and signal of guest room Wi-Fi, and alerts them to any problems in real time.   

“Zoox is able to monitor the signal through the guest’s devices – whether mobile phone, laptop or tablet,” said Raphael Rodrigues, CIO of Zoox Smart Data. “Once the guest elects to access the Wi-Fi network, we can monitor the signal and coverage, and automatically notify the hotel of any issues. Typically, after a guest complaint, if a Wi-Fi problem cannot be fixed easily, a technician might have to wait until the end of the guest’s stay to fix the problem, or the guest might have to be moved to another room that normally would earn more revenue for the hotel. By monitoring signals in real time, we are helping hotels be more proactive and avoid more serious issues – and negative guest reviews.” 

In addition to Wi-Fi Analytics, the Zoox team will showcase Zoox Eye, a 360-degree view of guest information. Zoox works alongside partners like network hardware providers to help hotel companies and other organizations securely collect guest or customer data, and then Zoox enhances the data through its own data ecosystem to create rich profiles of the guests. Aside from hotels and gaming organizations, Zoox also works with a variety of industries including banking and insurance, and different property types like malls, healthcare facilities and hospitals, college campuses, airports and subway systems, restaurants, stadiums, and other areas or venues that allow customers or guests to access a Wi-Fi network. Zoox has created a secure data lake by combining information from all of its clients around the world to help them provide convenience and better service to their guests and customers. 

“If you go through the airport in Rio de Janeiro and use its Wi-Fi and then you land at the Lisbon airport, the network there recognizes you the minute you access the Wi-Fi,” said Daniel Sales, senior technical project manager for Zoox. “As both airports are our clients and part of our data ecosystem, they are providing travelers with the convenience of accessing their networks without having to log in or create a profile every time they want to access a Wi-Fi network. Additionally, these properties have access to what we call fresh, hot data as it was supplied by the actual customers themselves with their approval. With this information, we have been able to create detailed profiles to help properties better personalize service.” 

Zoox has the ability to gather information from other hotel systems including loyalty, property management and point of sale, combine it with additional information from the Zoox data lake, and create more complete profiles to help decision makers understand their guests better. 
“Many companies are collecting data, but only 0.5 percent are actually using the data to improve their customers’ or guests’ experience,” noted Rodrigues. “While Zoox helps hotels securely collect data with their guests’ approval, that data also becomes part of our ecosystem of customer information that we have gathered from various touchpoints along the guest’s path – from airports to subways and restaurants to malls – anywhere they access a Wi-Fi network, and that network is part of our customer base. Through this comprehensive data ecosystem, we can create rich profiles that are of bigger benefit to our clients and they can provide a better, more personalized experience for their guests.” 

For those hotel companies interested in how they can monitor their Wi-Fi networks in real time and create full guest profiles to better understand and serve their guests, the Zoox team will be in booth No. 1944 at HITEC Orlando 2022 June 27-30.  

“We are excited to have our team at HITEC again this year as hotel companies can extract real benefits from our products,” said Sales. “When these properties use our software platform to learn more about their guests and find out why they picked their hotel over all the others on the same street, they will see the real value. Every hotel provides a bed, pillows, a shower – but learning what made your hotel stand out to your guests and what they like best about your property is invaluable.” 

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