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Aviation-Event 2024 RMO: Chisinau Airport is a small airport but with a big potential, says Minister Andrei Spinu

Andrei Spînu, Minister of Infrastructure and Regional Development of Moldova (left) with Peter Baumgartner, Former CEO of Etihad Airways and Chairman Bluearbre Ltd.

At Aviation-Event 2024 RMO, Andrei Spinu announced a record passenger count for Moldovan airports and detailed infrastructure improvements, enhancing aviation’s role in Moldova’s European integration and economic growth.

AVIATION-EVENT 2024 RMO – CHISINAU – REPORT: In his opening speech today at the Aviation-Event 2024 RMO, Andrei Spinu, Minister of Infrastructure and Regional Development of Moldova said that figures show that in 2024 Moldovan airports will reach a historical record in the number of passengers.

“Lastly, Moldova is known as a small country with a big park. I will rephrase in line and say Chisinau Airport is a small airport but with a big potential. I believe this event is taking place at the right time. Significant changes are happening in the region. Russian aggression towards Ukraine changes the outlook not just for Moldova, but for the whole of Europe. A safer, prosperous Europe means a safer and a prosperous east side of Europe, Moldova and Ukraine. Moldova will fly full speed towards European integration in all sectors and aviation is crucial” said Andrei Spinu.


“Aviation development means economic growth, tourism, employment and political and diplomatic connection with our partners. On the legal framework, we are in line with international standard and 70% with European regulations at least monthly. We approve the government’s decision on aviation to implement European Union its continuum on the infrastructure side.

You know the expression being in someone’s good standing? Well, this didn’t happen with our airport for some time. Since the government took over, significant progress has been made in the rehabilitation of airport. The main runway has been restored, new equipment has been acquired for unwind maintenance and safety checks, and plans are underway for a new 260 space car park. We are also working on upgrading the outdated electricity supply network, among other improvements. Our aim is to provide the best conditions for passengers, attract companies to invest in Moldova and showcase our commitment to the development of airways etc.”

More airlines companies retake or start new routes from Chisinau

“The effects of our actions are visible. In fact, in the last year, approximately ten companies decided to retake or start new routes from Chisinau. This is an excellent sign of trust. I want to thank all of them for the decision and say once again, our sky is safe and so is our market. At the same time, glad to say we are experiencing massive growth in number of passengers.

Our figures show that in 2024 we will reach a historical record in the number of passengers and the outlook is even more optimistic. Just to give you one figure, March 2024 we have a 34% increase comparing with March 2023. Of course, part of it is due to the terrible situation in Ukraine. At the same time, our goal is to offer a good connection for our diaspora, which is more than 1 million citizens in Europe, to travel back and forth to Moldova. The negotiation process that we started with European Union is one of other reasons that more traffic will come to Moldova.

If you ask me about the future of Moldova aviation sector we are still young, which is an advantage with my team. I have been to many international airports in Belmonto. We went to Munich, Paris, Barcelona, talk to the best class and took the best practices. We have a plan and the plan is quite simple. European. I keep fully implemented infrastructure rehabilitation and modernization, including a new terminal and more direct, good and better prices for our citizens, diaspora businesses and diplomatic missions.”

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