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Pizza Village: The event in Naples, Milan and London


The Coca-Cola Pizza Village event, promoting Italian culinary culture, will occur in Naples, Milan, and London, featuring over 300 pizza chefs.

The Coca-Cola Pizza Village event was presented in the new headquarters of the Foreign Press Association, at Palazzo Grazioli, Rome. The event, conceived and produced by Oramata Grandi Eventi in collaboration with AADV Entertainment, will take place in the cities of Naples (14/23 June), Milan (4/8 September) and London (19/22 September) and enjoys the patronage of Ministries of Culture and Tourism, but also of RAI Italian Radio TV, and the newspaper Il Mattino, Naples daily.

In total, there will be over 300 pizza chefs who will take turns at the wood-fired ovens during the three locations of the event, launching a message of cultural and tourism promotion, around Italy and in the United Kingdom, thanks to pizza, ambassador of Neapolitan gastronomy and symbol dish of Italian cuisine in the world.

In addition to the organizers, the presentation was attended by the marketing director of ENIT, Maria Elena Rossi, the CEO of SmartCityLife, Roberto Russo, and the CEO of Mulino Caputo, Antimo Caputo. Coca-Cola Pizza Village thus becomes, thanks to its format, one of the events that, through its contents, manages to promote our traditions and our skills in Italy
and around the world. “The Pizza Village is a large container of events, not only related to food “ said the CEO & Founder of Oramata Grandi Eventi, Alessandro Marinacci.


Among these, music with the RTL stage, with the big names in music, with live radio and TV broadcasts every day, but also with the Casa Caputo masterclasses, with which you can follow Neapolitan pizza lessons for free, and which will also be organized in the London event, in Victoria Embankmente park, on the banks of the Thames river” Even Enit, through the marketing director Maria Elena Rossi, underlined the value of the event: “The Ministry of Tourism, like the other Ministries involved, strongly believes in the initiative and we at Enit, as a government agency, are at the service of tourism promotion of the territory and businesses that promote tourism. The 2023 data that emerged yesterday in Frankfurt ” continued Maria Elena Rossi, “indicate that there has been a great recovery after Covid, with a positive trade balance and foreign tourism spending that exceeded 50 billion in Italy. In this context, initiatives such as the Pizza Village are inserted, which have a very strong tourist attraction value through one of the strongest identity values, which is that of pizza, Bringing formats like the Pizza Village abroad has a very strong branding and attraction value we will certainl  be available with the London office, which will be able to work as an important multiplier for the Pizza Village that will be organized there“.

“The Pizza Village is not just a food festival, it is a container of entertainment, rich in content” declared Matteo Colombo, CEO of AADV Entertainment. “This year, in Milan, the second edition will last longer than the 2023 first edition. The objective of the Pizza Village is also to develop content and not only in Italy. We are also projected towards new ones, not just European ones. In September we will be in London, but we have received several requests, including from the USA and the United Arab Emirates.”

Roberto Russo, CEO of SmartCityLife, the company that manages the outdoor spaces of the Milanese residential district CityLife, stated: “One of the important value aspects of CityLife in Milan is usability and culture. On this aspect we find ourselves perfectly aligned with the Pizza Village project because last September its usability allowed 25 thousand people to spend cheerful and carefree night with the guarantee of a quality service and event. I am sure that in the coming years we will find a way to continue the collaboration with Pizza Village which will find City Life always ready to welcome it”.

The event, which strengthens the partnership with Mulino Caputo, will welcome the long international itinerary of the Caputo Cup. “The Pizza Village is a great team effort. Mulino Caputo has always participated because the pizza chefs who produce the most famous dish in the world in an artisanal and perfect way are on stage at the Pizza Village, and they do it with a very precise, codified technique, which even UNESCO has recognized as an intangible art. This is why we love this event and we want it to travel the world and for the whole world to come to Naples to discover the mastery of Neapolitan pizza chefs. This year too we are organising, within the Pizza Village, the World Pizza Chef Championship, which is itinerant and travels the world, and this year reaches its 21st edition”.

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