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Travel Tech announce its fourth 2021 Virtual Conference

Travel Tech LATAM & SPAIN Second Edition, from September 13 to 17, 2021. The event will provide to professionals in Latam and Spain tourism trade with educational resources based on the latest technological trends.

MEXICO – Travel Tech, the largest educational event worldwide, 100% online and free, for the tourism trade (Hospitality, Travel, Destinations and Tourism) is proud to announce its fourth event of the 2021 schedule: TRAVEL TECH LATAM & SPAIN Second Edition, taking place online from September 13 to 17, 2021.

Travel Tech's mission is to empower industry professionals with education. Teach them through the speakers of the most important companies, organizations and universities in the world, how they can use technological tools to improve their profitability, to improve the customer experience and accompany them in the travel process, new paradigm of smart destination, what are the tech trends of the tourism market, application of Artificial Intelligence, etc.

Travel Tech Latam and Spain will feature expert speakers from top travel technology companies, including Hijiffy, Expedia Group, Infor, ReviewPro, The Hotels Network, Roiback, Lybra, YieldPlanet, Bookassist, HS LATAM, HubOS,RM HUB, IDEAS, Lybra, Sabre, eRevMax, BookOnlineNow, Profitroom and many others, to share specific educational knowledge to our trade and actionable strategies to help hotels, tourism companies and tourist destinations.

We will have the honor of being supported by the UNWTO (World Tourism Organization) through the participation of Natalia Bayona, leader of the department of innovation, education and investment strategy of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). In this edition of Travel Tech Latam & Spain we will have an exclusive panel of the main universities that train tourism professionals in Argentina (UNLP, UNQUI, UADE, UCES).

Colombia (Fundación universidad Los Libertadores) Ecuador (Universidad Politécnica Salesiana) and México (Universidad de Guanajuato) to discuss how the use of technology is planned and how future professionals prepare to face the market.

All attending the Masterclasses will receive a Certificate of Excellence from Travel Tech, to recognize the knowledge and expertise that they’ve been the recipient of during the 5 days of the event – an important recognition to add to your CV/resume or to share on your LinkedIn.

Agenda of the event
– OPENING: September 13 th , 2021, 9h México – Natalia Bayona, Director of innovation,
education and investments UNWTO

– FORUM 1: September 13th, 2021, 10h México – Best Practices for Distribution + Optimal Commercialization for your HOTEL
Carrie Wilder – Southamérica director- Expedia
Adrián González – Sales Manager en Baleares y Canarias.
Gregorio Nuñez -Sales Director Latam and Spain- Profitroom
Vinicius Geraldo – Vice President – BookOnline Now
Carlos Rentero – Spain & Latam Country Manager – BookAssist
Salim Arkuch – Regional vice president to Latinamerica and Caribe – SABRE

– FORUM 2: On September 14th, 2021 at 10h México – Revenue Management Strategies +
Hotel and Air Resumption
Patricia Diana – Sales manager- iDeaS
Rudi Azevedo – CEO & Founder – RM HUB
Rossana Alterio – Global Customer Success Manager- LYBRA
Xavier Cardenas Becerra – CEO- My Revenue
Alex Gomez – Head of Data Solutions – AIRDNA
Mauricio Sana – CEO- Flybondi

– FORUM 3: On September 14th, 2021, at 14h México – Digital Marketing + Handling
comments efficiently
Magdalena Llavar – Market Manager Cono Sur- The Hotels Network
Cristina Lopez – Sales Director Spain and Latam- ReviewPro
Francisco Nogueira – Country Manager – Hijiffy
Jaimes Patrick – CEO- TAG
Federico Elmer – CEO- HS LATAM
Franco – CTO-HSystem

– FORUM 4: On September 15th 2021, at 10h México- Operations + Distribution
Andrés Benito Medina – Sales Account Manager – YieldPLanet
João Freitas – Director of Growth & Partnerships- HostPms
Julian Lindt – Director de ventas para Latam- eRevMax
Patrick Phelps – Senior Account Manager Iberia & Latam- Infor
Joan Léon – COO & Founder – HubOs
Fernando Macedo – CEO- Grupo Zavia

– FORUM 5: On September 15th, 2021, at 14h México- University education. What role has
technology played in tourism education?
Mg.Pablo Montero – Director del Departamento de Turismo en FCE- UNLP
Ezequiel Piccolomini -Professor- UADE
Pablo Kohen – Professor and investigator- UNQUI
Luciana Prado -Academy Director at Degree Tourism- UCES
Juan Pablo Vázquez Loaiza – Director of the Master of Business Administration program – Universidad Politécnica Salesiana del Ecuador
Sandra Patricia Bohorquez Pacheco – Professor and Investigator- Fundación Universidad Los Libertadores – Colombia

– FORUM 6: On September 16th, 2021, at 10h México- Smart Destinations. Investigation.
Development and Innovation on tourism
Omar Trejoluna Puente – Professor and Investigator- Universidad de Guanajuato
Fernando Puente Zambrano – Executive president- CIDTUR LATAM
Erik Navarro – Manager- Clúster de Turismo en Santa Marta – Magdalena, Colombia.
João Marcelo Moreira Braga – Founder- Personal2Travel
Carolina Tkchuk – Operate Director – Red de Ciudades Inteligentes de Argentina
David Giner Sánchez -Project coordinator at Instituto Valenciano de Tecnologías Turísticas y strategies manager de Destinos Turísticos Inteligentes Comunitat Valenciana.

– FORUM 7: On September 16th, 2021, at 15h México – Investing in tourism in Latam: in search of new impact startups
Esteban Varela – AMADEUS IT Group
Cristobal Forttes Vial – Subsecretaría Turismo de Chile
Rodrigo Vaz – GJP Hoteis & Resorts
Constanza de la Cruz – MADZEN | Turtech

– Sales pitching September 17th, 2021, at 10h México: Infor, Profitroom, iDeaS, The Hotels Network, BookOnlineNow, YieldPlanet, Lybra, Roiback, Hijiffy, Personal2travel, Bookassist, Hub Os, Rm Hub.

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