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IAPA, BTC support airline divestiture of CRS stakes proposal

The International Airline Passengers Association (IAPA) and Business Travel Coalition (BTC) applauded the European Parliament for providing  much needed consumer focus to consideration of proposed reforms to the Code of Conduct that governs computerized reservations systems (CRSs). Rapporteur Timothy Kirkhope provided a thoughtful and balanced report that contained very solid analysis and proposals and enabled informed debate.
The Parliament debate also considered a proposal advanced by Brian Simpson calling for a complete, orderly divestiture of airline ownership stakes in CRSs. Complete divestiture would represent the über consumer-focused solution to potential abuses stemming from airline ownership of CRSs.

Divestiture would eliminate the possibility of abuses that  might go undetected under any version of a Code of Conduct; would virtually guarantee that consumers have access to complete and accurate information regarding airfare and rail offerings when using either online or traditional travel agencies; and EU and U.S. airline and GDS industry regulatory oversight approaches would be harmonized.
IAPA and BTC are very appreciative of the strong leadership demonstrated by Mr Kirkhope and other Parliament members on this issue so critical to consumer interests, and urge the rest of Parliament to follow their lead.

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