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Unique education and training services specifically for travel industry professionals

PhoCusWright launches Learning Solutions and MasterClass in Asia

To meet the education and training needs of a dynamic industry, PhoCusWright, the travel industry research authority, has launched a new division: PhoCusWright Learning Solutions. PhoCusWright Learning Solutions’ initial product line, MasterClass, is a collaborative learning and corporate training workshop program designed specifically for the travel industry. MasterClass delivers a compelling educational experience for individuals and organizations that seek to excel in the travel marketplace. Participants learn directly from the experts that drive the industry-executives and analysts that live and breathe travel every day. The MasterClass program leverages a unique pedagogy that harnesses the power of media, and technology that enables organizations to overcome the high costs of hiring subject matter experts, traveling off-site and taking employees away from their daily tasks.

"What’s so exciting about Learning Solutions and MasterClass is our ability to bring the experts to the audience on a scale that has never been practical or financially feasible before," says Ram Badrinathan, PhoCusWright general manager, Asia Pacific and vice president, Learning Solutions. "Now, literally thousands of travel industry professionals-from the front desk to the corner office-can tap directly into the knowledge and experience of some of the industry’s leading minds."

The inaugural MasterClass workshop, The Digital Travel Revolution, traces the dramatic transformation of the travel industry since the advent of the global Internet and provides participants with a foundation for working more effectively in this rapidly-shifting business landscape. The workshop will be available throughout the Asia Pacific (APAC) region, where professionals entering the travel, tourism and hospitality space will have an opportunity to learn directly from PhoCusWright president and CEO Philip Wolf, APAC expert Ram Badrinathan and other prominent industry representatives.