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SAT within Top 10 most social engaged national DMOs

South Africa Tourism projected to lead the way in online destination marketing

South Africa Tourism (SAT), currently ranked 7 in terms of number of Facebook ‘likes’, Twitter and WAYN followers of National DMOs, is set to become one of the most socially engaged brands in the worldwide travel landscape. Teaming up with dedicated travel and lifestyle social network, SAT seeks to grow its fan base across the globe, while aligning sales and marketing strategies with the intentions broadcasting of its following.

Research conducted by found Australia leading the way by a wide margin with their fan base closing in on the 1 million mark. New Zealand and Spain bagged 2nd and 3rd spots with 282,945 and 265,125 fans respectively.

South Africa, which currently has 78,502 followers on Facebook, Twitter and WAYN combined, is looking to steal the limelight from 3rd spot Spain as its following is on track to grow by up to 200,000 fans by April 2011. The South Africa profile on itself has garnered 40,112 friends in less than three months, outperforming the equivalent Facebook page, which as of November 14 2010 had recorded 33,589 ‘likes’.

SAT has previously run other campaigns on the platform, most notably the ‘Face of South Africa,’ a competition to find a face for SAT’s promotions in 2009, which proved to be a phenomenal success with over 20,000 applicants in just 3 weeks of the competition opening. is now set to help SAT engage further with their legion of fans by creating an interface to match intentions (as broadcast by individual members within the WAYN community) to corresponding offers from SAT.

Jerome Touze, Co-CEO and Co-Founder of stated that more and more DMOs are focused on cultivating their audience in the social media sphere. “ provides a platform in addition to Facebook, Twitter et al to engage with and influence millions of travel consumers, providing a tremendous boost to a brand’s visibility in the digital media space.”

He added: “With increased promotion and competitions on its profile, SAT’s fan base should grow by as much as 200,000 by April 2011, which on current figures would mean that South Africa would depose Spain to occupy 3rd spot with a total of 278,502 fans.”