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Tourism Cares celebrates one-year anniversary of global relaunch of its Meaningful Travel Map

Baan Rim Klong, Thailand

Tourism Cares celebrates the first anniversary of the global relaunch of its Meaningful Travel Map, showcasing over 250 sustainable, community-led travel organizations worldwide.

CANTON, MASS., USA – Tourism Cares, a leading non-profit dedicated to advancing sustainability within the tourism industry, announce the first anniversary of the global relaunch of its Meaningful Travel Map, a digital platform that helps the travel trade easily source sustainable, community-led experiences, products, services, accommodations, and tours. Since its relaunch in 2023, the Meaningful Travel Map has seen tremendous growth across the travel trade industry. The Map now includes 25 destination management organizations (DMOs) that have either built or committed to creating a map, which showcases purpose-driven organizations that are tourism-ready within their region and features more than 250 organizations located in North, Central, and South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. This milestone marks significant progress in promoting sustainable and impactful travel worldwide.

“As we continue to see the demand rise from travelers looking for more authentic experiences and more pressure mounting from communities to mitigate the negative impacts of tourism, we have seen a significant increase in usage of the Meaningful Travel Map this past year,” said John Sutherland, senior director of community impact at Tourism Cares.

“Destinations are now more committed to showcasing sustainable offerings and community-led organizations in addition to their traditional mass tourism product, and operators and advisors are integrating Map Impact Partners into their itineraries. This new shift from the industry will further promote responsible travel and offer a better, more authentic experience for their clients,” continued Sutherland.


Chiang Mai walking streel, Thailand.

To honor the anniversary of the Meaningful Travel Map, Tourism Cares announce that it will host its 2025 Global Meaningful Travel Summit in Thailand. The Global Summit is an intimate, invitation-only program that brings together travel industry leaders, including tour operators, travel advisors, media, and associations, to further explore meaningful and sustainable travel practices by bringing attendees into the community to showcase local Thai community leaders and changemakers who are making positive impacts through tourism within their regions. The program will be held in the fall of 2025 in partnership with the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT).

Greg Takehara, CEO of Tourism Cares, shared: “We are extremely pleased with the progress we’ve made over the past year with our Meaningful Travel Program, particularly our Meaningful Travel Map and Meaningful Travel Summit initiatives. Our Global Meaningful Travel Summit is a one-of-a-kind program where attendees go beyond the conference walls to build direct connections with local communities, become inspired by the stories, and make real, actionable commitments toward strengthening sustainability for our industry. We look forward to continuing our partnership with TAT to host our 2025 Global Meaningful Travel Summit in Thailand, a country that exemplifies the values we champion.”

Pornpan Intratat, Director of the Tourism Authority of Thailand – Los Angeles office, added: “Thailand is honored to host Tourism Cares’ 2025 Global Meaningful Travel Summit. We believe in the power of tourism to drive positive change, and we are excited to welcome global leaders to our country to share best practices and innovative ideas around sustainable travel by showcasing the great work of our local Thai communities. This Summit is an opportunity to showcase Thailand’s dedication to sustainable tourism and work with our international partners to engage with more meaningful Thai suppliers to ensure travelers can discover a rich, cultural experience while positively impacting our local people when visiting our country.” 

The Global Meaningful Travel Summit marks another step in Thailand’s sustainability journey. In March 2024, the country hosted its first Meaningful Travel Familiarization (FAM) Tour in partnership with Tourism Cares. The nine-day FAM connected 14 travel industry representatives to meaningful experiences and local businesses located across Bangkok and Krabi. As part of the FAM initiative, Tourism Cares and TAT also launched the Meaningful Travel Map of Thailand, initially highlighting 15 Impact Partners, with plans for expansion within the next year.

“We have already received a tremendous amount of positive feedback from our local Thai partners regarding the Tourism Cares Meaningful Travel Program,” continued Director Intratat. “The Tourism Authority of Thailand recognizes the importance of sustainable tourism for the future of our industry, as well as the significant contributions tourism can make to our local communities. We look forward to furthering our partnership with Tourism Cares in 2025 and beyond.”

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