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2. Unique Selling Points___


'Far out at sea lived a sea King with six children, the youngest being a little mermaid...'. So begins Hans Christian Andersen’s Fairy Tale about the Little Mermaid. The statue of her remains the most popular tourist attraction in Denmark. Though a statue, the Little Mermaid has had a tough life: She has been decapitated and covered in paint several times. In Copenhagen children are part of the scenery and Copenhagen is a perfect city for a visitor with kids. There are many child friendly museums and in the mind of a child Tivoli needs no further introduction.

And did you know that the Øresund fixed link (Øresundsbron) connects Copenhagen, with Malmo, Sweden's third largest city? The Øresundsbron is approximately 16 km long and features a motorway and railway line. Øresundsbron opened on 1 July, 2000 and plays an important role in the infrastructure connecting Scandinavia, Northern Europe and the Baltics. Seen in a local context, the Øresundsbron offers the quickest transport between Copenhagen and Malmo, and between Zealand and Scania (which together comprise the Øresund Region). This major investment has created an accessible work force and potential market of 3,5 million inhabitants. It has attracted investments from Danish, Swedish and international businesses, and enhanced cultural co-operation between Denmark and Sweden.
Every year free town Christiania attracts between a half and a million visitors, who enjoy the many exciting and varied restaurants, cafés, venues and shops in this free town built on the dreams of a life of freedom and the notion of a town run by the residents themselves.

Nyhavn - the oldest part of Copenhagen Harbour - is a popular meeting place, and perfect for enjoying a drink in one of the many open air cafes, restaurants and bars. As soon as the sun is out in early spring, the Danes move the chairs and tables outside and from the first summer day the quay is crowded with people who can enjoy the view of the moored wooden sailing boats.

Vesterbro used to be known as Copenhagen's worker´s quarter and red light district. The last few years a genuine transformation has occurred in the area, and now this old, run down patch of dark tenements and cheap worker's accommodation is one of the hippest places in the city - not just to live, but to shop, eat, drink and have a great night out.

If a group of 20-somethings is planning a night out, their destination is likely to be the hip Nørrebro. And if they fancy a spot of shopping - for clothes, exotic foods, bric-a-brac or antiques - Nørrebro has that too. Over the last couple of years the area has evolved into one of the city's hottest quarter with an influx of young, hip and ethnic inhabitants.

Copenhagen's harbour front is currently undergoing a major transformation. Grand building projects featuring new cultural institutions, hotels, shopping centres, offices, and private homes have either recently been completed or are under way. One of the city's most impressive new buildings by the water is the extension to the Royal Library, better known as the Black Diamond.

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