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2. Unique Selling Points___


Activities: nature and culture
From discoveries to surprises, nature has generously favored the high islands of amazing features.

The discovery of the natural wealth in the interior of these islands is a delight for both the beginner and the experienced hiker. The sight of secret valleys with their cool waters, stones, and their abundant flora as well as their canyons, their peaks, and ridges show quite another face of Polynesian beauty. The interior of the island is rich in archeological sites, such as “marae”, and splendid landscapes divided with magnificent waterfalls, or even, lake (Vaihiria lake, in Pappenoo) and caves with cold waters. Cradle of the Maohi civilization, the Marquesas islands have preserved imposing relics, like tiki, carved and aligned stones arranged into pyramids, or even living traditions of the past, like the tattooing art.

If the sea has a country, it must be French Polynesia. A sea of lagoons extending over four million square km. Excursions on or under lagoon, scuba diving or underwater diving helmet excursion, for a unique contact with the fairy land of the fish, the sharks, or just to admire the phosphorescent corals and the coloured anemone. The submarine fauna is at the image of the geographic diversity of the archipelagos and their seabed. Therefore, the familiar dance of small shoals of butterfly fish, angel fish or clown fish through the corals, along with the majestic movements of giant manta rays, are the just the prelude to other more dangerous adventures. Such are the organized dives amongst sharks and rays, or even, the encounters with the whales in the Austral islands, grandiose and unique entertainment.

As for the beautiful surfing spots, surfers will not be disappointed by some of the world’s most famous and mythical wave (Teahupoo’s competition).

The warm temperatures of South Seas represent one of the exceptional asset of the attraction in Tahiti and her Islands.
Therefore, it is usual to make excursions on the lagoon in boat, sailing, or even in dugout canoe, for the pleasure of discovering the turquoise colours and crystal clear waters of the lagoons, or to devote itself to fishing.

But the most beautiful that ocean can offer, is the cultured pearl of Tahiti. For thousands of years, the warm waters of the South Seas have been sheltering the magnificent “Pinctada margaritifera”. This natural jewel is unique and has become the symbol of elegance and beauty throughout the world.

The Polynesian welcome

“Ia Ora”, “Maeva”, and “Manava”, are the three welcoming words that the Polynesian tell their tourists visitors.
This hospitality since the arrival is a legendary tradition complete with songs and dances to the sounds of the guitar and the “ukulele”, without forgetting the gift of the “tiare” (emblem flower of Tahiti and her islands).
The awaited travellers and friends are welcomed with flower garlands with radiant colours and refined perfume.

A country of artists

The manual dexterity of the crafts people is prodigious and is to be observed in the many exhibitions of the archipelagos all year long organized in Tahiti.
Tourists can from now on, discover the art and the creativity of the Polynesian craft artists, in the making of bag, hat, necklace, bedspread, carving in precious wood, and other typical object for the decoration of Polynesian houses.

The song and the dance expressing really the depth of the soul of Polynesian people, this intense cultural re-awakening can be witnessed every year in the many performances, which the main one, the Heiva festival in July.

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