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2. Unique Selling Points___


With myriad options for dining, shows, hotels, golf, spas and shopping - there has never been a better time to sell sell sell Las Vegas to your clients!

As one of the world's top destinations, Las Vegas offers a variety of commissionable opportunities for agents. Check out the Travel Trade section at www.lvcva.com to find out all you can about what's commissionable in Las Vegas, contact information and the location of the hotel or attraction. Commissionable opportunities in Las Vegas go far beyond those associated with booking room reservations (typical commission: 10 percent).

Travel agents also have the opportunity to design elaborate vacation packages for their clients that are completely commissionable. The LVCVA Web site highlights commissions across the spectrum of Vegas attractions and activities, from golf to spas to show tickets with information on wholesaler packages and tour operators to boot.

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