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2. Unique Selling Points___


Visitors are mainly attracted by the baroque Frauenkirche, a protestant church with a 96 meters high bell shaped dome, which after its destruction in World War II and 40 years in ruin has been completely rebuilt and consecrated in October 2005.

The Zwinger, the Semper Opera House and the baroque Catholic Cathedral, all in the historic centre of Dresden, are more important sights of the city, which no visitor can afford to miss. They frame „Theaterplatz”, one of the most beautiful squares in Germany.

The immense renaissance Royal Palace of the Saxon kings will be hosting from September 2006 the world’s biggest treasury museums. The “Grünes Gewölbe” will show in two different presentations (the most important 1000 pieces in modern setting and more than 3000 objects of gold, precious stones, and ivory as they have been dreamt of by the baroque sovereign Augustus the Strong).

Uncountable are the other treasures in Dresden’s museums. Raffael’s cherubs are perhaps the most famous ambassadors of the 12 museums of the Saxon state art collections. The Porcelain Collection is the world’s biggest Porcelain Museum. It displays Chinese and Japanese masterpieces and reflects the history of the European porcelain which indeed started in 1708 in Dresden before the foundation of Europe’s first Porcelain manufactory nearby Meissen.

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