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2016/2017 HOTREC annual report now available


In a challenging global context, the past 12 months saw European leaders even more aware of the role of tourism as a catalyst for jobs and growth, thanks to the work done by the EU Institutions, the Network for the Private Sector for Tourism (NET), and the United Nations, celebrating 2017 as the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development, in which HOTREC is playing a substantial role. HOTREC kept on taking strong initiatives to further engage the industry into innovation and create the conditions for a competitive and sustainable European tourism sector.

The past 12 months saw EU tourism growing at a pace of 4%, in which the hospitality industry and its 1.8 million small enterprises played a substantial role.

While recognising that digitalisation acts as a driving force for the sector, HOTREC focused its efforts on promoting fair B2B commercial practices in the digital accommodation market, as well as a responsible and fair collaborative economy.

HOTREC also kept supporting its Members to engage into sustainable tourism, e.g. training enterprises to better communicate their services to people with specific needs, reducing food waste, and putting skills at the core of the EU’s agenda; not to forget communicating the benefits of low VAT for job creation and competitiveness in light of the discussions on the VAT regime reform.

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