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2022 Priceline Wedding Travel Report: 66% of singles would rather find a good hotel deal than a wedding date/plus one


New survey reveals consumer sentiment about spending money on wedding-related travel.

NORWALK, CONN. - As peak wedding season approaches, Americans are gearing up to celebrate loved ones with more than half (57%) planning to attend more weddings or wedding-related events1 this year because they've missed out on so many during the pandemic. And after two long years of postponed weddings and celebrations, 79% of consumers feel that wedding-related events are a great excuse to travel, according to the Priceline Wedding Travel Report.

The report, which surveyed 1,000 Americans, reveals top trends and average costs, as well as breaks down how factors like inflation are impacting both consumer sentiment and plans for wedding travel this year. 

"We've all missed out on celebrations over the past two years and it's exciting to have these occasions to look forward to again. Weddings are an opportunity for friends and families to reunite, and those moments shouldn't be compromised by high travel costs. Priceline offers deals and savings tips to help customers be there for the moments that matter." said Brigit Zimmerman, Chief Commercial Officer

Top insights from Priceline's Wedding Travel Report include:

  • Save the Date…and Start Saving Up: Americans spend more than $2,700 on average just to attend a wedding - roughly equivalent to a full month's salary based on the median annual wage in the US2. Budgeting for out of town wedding events is especially stressful for Gen Z (39%).
  • Something Borrowed, Something Blue, Wedding Travel is Costly, Too: Six in ten (59%) respondents say that the high costs of attending weddings/wedding-related events has limited their ability to save for a vacation (61%) or a bucket list trip (59%). This becomes amplified as eight in ten (81%) say inflation makes finding a travel deal more important than ever.
  • Singles are Chasing Deals…Not Dates: Singles would rather find a good deal on a hotel (66%) or flight (63%) than a date/plus one.

Say "I Do" To Travel Savings
With rising demand and costs, Priceline knows it's more important than ever to save. Having negotiated amazing deals for over 20 years, Priceline saves travelers more than one billion dollars every year (that's $2,000 per minute!). So travelers never have to miss the moments that matter—weddings, bucket list trips, and everything in between, Priceline reveals the top savings hacks to save on travel:

  1. Whether you're bringing a plus one or flying solo, save up to $625 when you bundle  your hotel and flight bookings using Priceline Packages.
  2. Become a Priceline VIP for free and access immediate savings, loyalty perks, and other benefits. Traveling to multiple weddings this year? You can reach VIP Gold status and unlock up to 50% off hotels after five bookings.
  3. Pay at your own pace with "Buy Now, Pay Later" options through Affirm, which offers monthly or biweekly payments when booking travel on Priceline.

1A wedding-related event refers to a bachelor/bachelorette party, engagement party, rehearsal dinner, bridal shower, group honeymoon (buddymoon), honeymoon, etc.
2 Based on the Social Security Administration "National Average Wage Index" for the 2019 median average US wage receiving semi-monthly payments.

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