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3. Marketing Ideas ___


A trip on one of the boats belonging to the world’s largest and oldest paddle steamer fleet, to the Chinese-baroque Summer Palace in Pillnitz and its large grounds, is an incomparable experience.

Turn-of-the-century Dresden is perhaps less well known. Sights include the technical monuments of the funicular railway, the cable railway and the iron bridge „Blaues Wunder„ (Blue Wonder). The colourful Dresden-Neustadt district with its numerous pubs and bars and the surrounding suburbs, (one of the largest built-up and maintained 1900s quarters in Germany), the garden city of Hellerau and the smart residential districts of Blasewitz, Loschwitz and Weisser Hirsch are not only reminders of a great period in Dresden, but also stand for a quality of life which has been recovered after the German unification.

The city’s rich cultural life, with the Saxon State Opera (named the Semperoper after its architect) and its orchestra Saxon Staatskapelle, the State Operetta, the Dresden Philharmonic Orchestra, numerous festivals and countless small theatres, cabarets and concert halls, also makes Dresden attractive in the evenings.

Not to forget Dresden’s beautiful surroundings. The Saxon Wine Road passes through the town of Meissen, which is famous for porcelain and wine, and also right through Dresden, which has its own vineyards. The Saxon Switzerland with its bizarre sandstone formations attracts nature-lovers. In the Oberlausitz, the Slav culture of the Sorb people has been preserved untill today. And Prague can also be visited on a day’s excursion.

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