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3. Marketing Ideas ___


Rich and unique cultural and artistic heritage. Destination ideal for:

  1. Cultural tours: unique history dating back to legendary arrival of Noah’s Ark on Mount Ararat

  2. Religious tours and pilgrimages: first country to adopt Christianity as its state religion in 301 A.D. and distinctive religious traditions

  3. Silk Road

  4. Archaeology: visits to sites as well as participation in archaeological camps

  5. Arts: unique forms of architecture, sculpture, painting>

  6. Ancient literary traditions handed down through the unique Armenian alphabet and ancient manuscripts: Matenadaran library, founded in the fifth century by the inventor of the Armenian alphabet, Mashtots, holds 17,000 Armenian manuscripts

  7. Crafts: high-quality handicrafts, such as paintings, carpets, hand-woven materials, pottery, jewellery, wood carving, etc.

Wide range of nature and sports activities:

  1. trekking and hiking

  2. Biking tours

  3. Horseback riding tours

  4. Alpinism and winter sports

  5. Bird-watching

  6. Fishing and hunting

  7. Geological, mineralogical and botanical tours

Traditions and entertainment

  1. Excellent Armenian cuisine, good wines and world-known cognac.

  2. Fun: restaurants, open-air cafes, casinos and clubs open late.

  3. Rural taste and traditions: rural villages to visit, traditions to taste.

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