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4. What to Avoid ___


Don't expect to find polar bears in the streets. Great weather variation making summers cool and unreliable, but bouts of fine, warm weather do occur!

And the city is not suitable for mountain climbing but the flat surface makes Copenhagen a cyclist's paradise with cycle paths alongside virtually every street. Free city bikes are available to borrow from stands throughout the city from the spring to the autumn. Taxis are tightly regulated and operate with fixed prices. Traffic jams are rare in Copenhagen, but more than 50,000 inhabitants still prefer to bike to work.

Cycling is a popular form of transportation in the city and it is possible for tourists to use the City Bikes, a free transport service available to all visitors and residents. The city's 1,300 City Bikes are placed in over 100 cycle 'stations' in the city centre. All that is required is for you to deposit DKK 20, which is returned when you drop the bicycle off at any bike station. City Bikes are available from April to December.

And finally, if you decide to explore the city on foot, avoid Jaywalking (crossing streets for red light).

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